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From outside an area, interested parties may be the most likely to notice the distinctive characteristics of regional furniture types. It can be beneficial to furniture historians to note or record these aspects of appearance, which can seem foreign or even unconventional to the observer. A particular type of Scottish chest of drawers has a deep, square top drawer designed for storing hats(hat drawer).

A scotch dresser is an interesting topic for everyone. The maximum number of people don’t know what is a scotch dresser. Well, the scotch dresser is basically an antique dresser that is around for centuries. It is usually used in a bedroom. Scotch dressers are made of wood and it has several drawers. Folded clothes can be easily stored in the traditional design due to the raised panel on one side.

What Is A Scotch Dresser

Explanation of what a scotch dresser is.

A scotch dresser is a chest of drawers. A scotch dresser is sometimes called a Scottish chest or cabinet. It is made of mahogany wood. A scotch chest is an antique piece of furniture. People purchase this wooden furniture sometimes just for home decor.

Antique Scottish Chest Drawers

Scotch dresser is a late 19th century furniture. It is a unique piece of artwork. You might find a scotch dresser from an antique dealer. This solid wood furniture has a hinged top that can be opened to reveal a variety of storage spaces. Some scotch dressers also contain secret compartments that are perfect for hiding accessories.

What does a scotch dresser look like?

A key characteristic of the Scotch Chest pattern is the central drawer, and this feature is found in all the examples discussed in this article as well. A squared central drawer and turned corner posts are the only features that can be traced back to the earliest examples of this type of chest, not ogee shaping or any other decorative features.

What does a scotch dresser look like

This chest has a paneled drawer front enclosed in a cross-banded and mitered frame. A pair of drawers on each side and the graduated drawers below are cock-beaded with mahogany veneers and ebony stringing.

The drawers are all fitted with locks and turned wooden knob handles, with the deep square drawer having a centered handle. Chest facade drawers are flanked by bobbin-turned corner posts set in antis; the shallow frieze under the chest top echoes the quarter-circle profile of the posts.

What are the different shapes of scotch dressers?

Well, the common shapes for a scotch dresser are rectangular, square, and ogee shape.

Shapes: Rectangular, square, and ogee shape.

What is the best color for a scotch dresser?

You can color your scotch dresser in whatever color you like. But we recommend following the example for a better idea. The scotch chest has a lot of features and is a great size, but the finish is very smooth and machined. An existing piece was revitalized in a layered approach using Honfleur as a base and layers of Aubusson Blue, Louis Blue, Napoleonic Blue, Florence, and Paris Grey.

What is the best color for a scotch dresser

Annie Sloan medium pure bristle brush is used to create the texture. After that, the piece was clear and dark waxed and distressed to reveal all the beautiful blues and textures underneath.

Color: Best color for a scotch dresser is brown.

What is the best material for a scotch dresser?

The best material for a scotch dresser is mahogany wood and metal. These materials are commonly used since the mid-19th century to make a scotch dresser.

Material: Wood and metal.

What are the different types of scotch dressers?

It appears that the spiral-turned or columnar comer posts, which characterize so many nineteenth-century Scottish furniture types, are a common characteristic of many Scotch Chests, which are sometimes referred to as the “Pole chest” or the “Column chest”.

Type: There are two subtypes to be known by the various names of ‘Pole chest’ or ‘Column chest’.

different types of scotch dressers

Why scotch dresser can be a space-saving dresser?

Combined with the surprisingly minimal depth when measured from front to back, these chests of drawers provide large storage space and are adaptable in terms of storage. As a result, these chests can be seen as a space-saving type of furniture, because they can happily fulfill the function of much larger pieces of furniture, such as hanging wardrobes and storage cupboards.

What is the standard size of a scotch dresser?

These chests of drawers provide a large amount of storage space that is adaptable to your needs, as well as a surprisingly minimal depth when measured from front to back, further emphasizing their ability to fulfill many of the functions of much larger pieces of furniture, like hanging-wardrobes and storage cupboards, and can also be seen as space-saving.

standard size of a scotch dresser

Dimensions: Large Scotch chests with a height of five feet and a width of four feet – these measurements are fairly common – they do not take up much space. (122W X 152H Centimeters)

How tall should scotch dresser be?

The common scotch dresser’s height is 5 feet. But you can find more different heights from a scotch dresser.

Height: The common height of a scotch dresser is five feet.

How much does a scotch dresser weigh?

The common weight of a scotch dresser can be between 40kg to 80kg.

Weight: 89 to 177 pounds.

scotch dresser weigh and cost

How much does a scotch dresser cost?

Antique scotch dressers can be pricey. The common price range for a scotch dresser is between 600$ and 3,000$ dollars.

Price: 600$ to 3,000$ dollars.

Scotch dresser history.

Evolution: The evolution of the ‘Scotch Chest’ design during the nineteenth century, its distribution in northern Britain, and its production according to different social requirements in both urban and rural centers. The presence of chests of drawers of this pattern in Scotland during the nineteenth century and after the Second World War cannot be disputed.

Scotch dresser history

Fun Fact: Historically, the term Scotch Chest has been applied loosely and in a general sense, encompassing several different names referring to the basic pattern’s other distinctive and variable characteristics. As a common feature of many Scotch Chests, spiral-turned or columnar comer posts, which seem to be distinguishing qualities of many other nineteenth-century Scottish furniture types, also make these subtypes known as ‘Pole chests’ or ‘Column chests’.

The Characteristics of a Scotch dresser.

It is shown in Bow’s Illustrated Catalogue of 1908 that a variant of the pattern had a mahogany veneer front, spiral-turned columns flanking the drawers, and a shallow frieze drawer beneath the top. Despite being referred to as the Kilmarnock Chest of Drawers, it is difficult to determine whether or not its regional significance exists, as chests of a similar pattern seem to have been manufactured in cities throughout central and lowland Scotland during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Anatomy of a scotch dresser.

This chest features a paneled drawer front within a crossbanded frame with mitered corners. In addition to the cock-beaded drawers on either side, there are graduated drawers on the bottom with ebony stringing and mahogany veneers.

Anatomy of a scotch dresser

Drawer fronts have a lock and wooden knob handle with the deep drawer being the only one with a central wooden knob handle. The chest facade has drawers flanked by bobbin-turned corner posts. A shallow frieze underneath the top obscures the drawers by echoing the quarter-circle profile of the posts.

On the inside of the central top drawer, there is an elegant ‘Grecian’ label with the maker’s name. It also contains a handwritten legend. Further information is provided by a pencil inscription on the divider under the central drawer.

What to consider in a scotch dresser?

The characteristics of a scotch dresser must be explained as an example that I had bought earlier. You must consider the same facts also to buy an actual antique Scottish dresser.

Mahogany was used to construct this magnificent antique chest of drawers with a typical Scottish design. In addition to its rectangular molded top, it had a hidden umbrella oak-lined frieze drawer space above it. Among the beautifully shaped drawers are three hat drawers surrounded by three graduating beaded drawers, all of which have original turned mahogany handles.

What to consider in a scotch dresser

Stunning columns and decorative carvings are on the sides, and the piece stands on bun feet. Over the inverted brake top was a concealed frieze drawer, which was ideal for storing all of the valuables. The central bonnet drawer/shelves/short drawers (used to store top hats) were beautifully cross-banded below that.

On all three of the longer cock beaded drawers were beautifully turned handles and stunning flamed mahogany fronts. The drawers were raised on an inverted breakfront plinth and had elegantly turned column sides.


A scotch dresser is a unique piece of furniture that has a history that interest everybody. It is a normal dresser though it is an antique-style piece. People buy scotch dressers just to place in their homes as decor items.

Scotch dressers have unique looks to them that made this item an amazing home decor. The piece is of high quality, in good condition large chest. Sellers give it a 25-year warranty but it can last more than that.

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