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Are you searching for the best dresser for small bedroom? Most people have dressers in their bedrooms. Choosing the right size dresser for your home is very important. Your dresser should reflect your style. To make choosing a dresser easier, we selected a few of the best dressers online. These are the best dressers for small spaces.

Dressers are chests of drawers that are usually stacked one on top of the other. The purpose of a dresser is to store clothing. Dressers come in many different styles. If you have a small space and want it to be decorated well, a dresser could be an excellent choice. A small aquarium or flower vests can be placed above the dresser to decorate. 

9 Best Dresser For Small Bedroom Listed 2023

Here is the list of products as it is currently. From here, you can choose the best dresser for your small bedroom if you have a complete conception of what you like. Furthermore, scroll down to find out the deliberations of the dressers that will assist you in making the right decision.

1. Best of overall: Prepac Fremont 5 Drawer Chest

best dresser for small room

2. Best of durability: Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom

best small dresser

3. Best for TV: 6 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, SONGMICS

best small dresser for small room

4. Best Value For Money: Prepac Astrid 6 Drawer Dresser, Black

best dresser for small spaces

5. Best of Editor Choice: Fabric Tall Dresser for Bedroom, WLIVE

small space dresser ideas

6. Horizontal budget friendly: ROMOON Dresser Organizer

best small dresser for small bedroom

7. Best Under $100: WLIVE Storage Dresser for Bedroom with 6 Drawers

best small dresser for small spaces

8. Overall Budget Friendly: ROMOON Fabric Dresser Storage Tower

Best dresser drawer for small space

9. Best for Room Corner: mDesign – Tall Dresser Chest for Bedroom

dresser drawer for small bedroom

What Are The Best Dressers For A Small Bedroom?

You can use this quick list of 3 products to get a clear idea of what dressers are best and then choose the one you want for your bedroom. Out of all the products reviewed by our reviewers, these dressers are our favorite.

Note: We have listed the 9 top-rated dressers for bedrooms, and the sizes are comfortable in small spaces. People who browse the internet want to see reviews of the products we’ve listed, but a few people don’t want to waste too much time on research and want to get a pre-made list. We listed all the products on the pre-made list for this reason that you are saw at the beginning of this article.. 

Simply click and go through the Review Section of the listed product.. Regardless, it is recommended that you read the entire article before making your decision. Having said that, let’s get started.

How to choose a dresser for a small bedroom?

In order to choose the right dresser for a small space, you must identify the quality and requirements you require. Size, Assembly, Style, and Storage are all necessary facets to consider. You can also check out the materials when choosing the best dresser. These topics are discussed in detail in the “Buying Guide” section. Simply click and scroll via the Buying Guide

Top 9 Best Dresser For Small Bedrooms Reviews 2023

Here are the bedroom dressers with their ideal overviews. We have included all the essential information you need to make your decision right. Just keep scrolling.

1. Prepac Fremont 5 Drawer Chest

best dresser for small room


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 16″D x 31.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Weight – 92 Lbs / 41.8kg
  • Materials- Wood
  • Finish Type- Espresso
  • Furniture Finish- Laminate

There are many small dressers for small bedrooms, but this one is the best. It is impossible to overlook the Fremont 5 drawer chest if you are looking for an essential bedroom dresser. This dresser has five drawers to accommodate all your clothes and store them stylishly. You can find a bedroom furniture staple with good looks and ample storage space. Pair with other pieces from the Fremont bedroom collection for an elegant look.

It has been manufactured in Canada and meets all North American safety standards. All drawers slide smoothly on metal glides and have safety stops. This non-toxic product is made from laminated composite woods with a durable MDF backer. Perfect for small spaces, so the product is a good choice for you. Make sure you check it out at a discount of 31%.


5 year limited manufacturer warranty on parts.

Ideal for small spaces of all types.

Featuring a sturdy MDF backer and non-toxic laminated composite woods.

Drawers slide smoothly on metal glides.

Manufactured in Canada.


Assembling requires two people

Prepac Fremont 5 Drawer Chest

2. 7 Drawers Dresser – Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom

best small dresser


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 25″D x 11.87″W x 28.75″H
  • Weight – ‎15.2 Lbs / 6.9 kg
  • Materials-  Wood, Steel, Fabric
  • Capacity of Each Shelf- 22 Lbs / 10 kg
  • Capacity of Each Drawer- 6.6 Lbs / 3 kg

Another top dresser fits into a small bedroom. It can go anywhere in your home, including in the bedroom. Fabric drawers may mildew in a damp environment. It is mostly popular for its drawers and sizes. Sort items by type in these seven removable drawers, easily tame the mess and restore a sense of freshness to your sweet home. It’s easy to assemble the storage unit because of its simple structure. Install the screws, open the drawers, and you’re ready to tame the mess.

The 7-drawer dresser provides a cozy place to stash your household essentials. It features a tabletop surface and pull-out drawers for tucking away clutter. An excellent choice for small living spaces, this thoughtful design looks great when placed close to the bed or sofa. In addition, organizers will enjoy filling each drawer with clothing, linens, and knickknacks from around the home.

These fabric drawers can be folded flat for storage when not in use in between uses. Combine with any drawer configuration from the collection or use as a single unit.


Easy to assemble.

4 adjustable feet surfaces and add extra stability.

Fit with every rooms.

Perfect combination of material strengths.


The size is too small for a large room.

3. 6 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, SONGMICS

best small dresser for small room


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 11.81″D x 31.5″W x 27.95″H
  • Weight – 21.6 Lbs / 9.8 kg
  • Materials- MDF, Metal, Non-Woven Fabric, Solid Wood Knob
  • Capacity of the Tabletop- 33 Lbs / 15 kg
  • Capacity of Each Drawer: 6 Lbs / 3 kg

Listed as your third dresser, this is the best piece of furniture in your bedroom. Even though this unit is a little bit bigger, it can fit any medium or small space. Most importantly, this dresser is very comfortable because of its lightweight and easy assembly.

Having kids is not a problem with this fabric drawer dresser because it is designed to be child-friendly. When little guys want to organize their clothes themselves, the fabric drawers won’t pinch their hands with the anti-tip kit included.

Using the simple structure and provided assembly tools, you won’t need to spend all day assembling this. If you follow the straightforward instructions, your storage unit will be nestled into its new home in no time. The dresser is also among the most reasonable priced on our list. Hurry and grab the best price and discount now.



Easy to assemble.

Light weight.

Ideal for medium spaces, too.


Cannot wash drawers. Use a wet cloth to clean.

6 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom SONGMICS

4. Prepac Astrid 6 Drawer Dresser, Black

best dresser for small spaces


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 16″D x 47.25″W x 28.25″H
  • Weight – 81 Lbs / 36.8kg
  • Materials- Wood
  • Finish Type- Black
  • Dresser Type- Chest

The most sturdy and heavy-duty dresser for a small bedroom. Solid wood is used for this product, which is available in black color as well as 3 other colors. This product is famous for its smooth running drawer glides that make it more comfortable to use. For these reasons, this item was selected as being the best value.

Although the weight of the dresser is a little bit heavy, it helps the dresser stand up well. This may be the only complaint about this product. You can put this small dresser almost anywhere, which means that it isn’t too heavy. It also has over 3,500 reviews on Amazon with a 4.1 rating, proving that customers are satisfied with its quality.


Ideal for small spaces.

Great Sturdiness.

Easy to assemble.

A good deal for the money.

Glides on drawers run smoothly.


It feels a bit heavy

5. Fabric Tall Dresser with 8 Drawers for Bedroom, WLIVE

small space dresser ideas


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 11.8″D x 31.5″W x 37″H
  • Weight – 23.2 Lbs / 12.6Kg
  • Materials- Wood, Fabric, Metal
  • Capacity of the tabletop- 35 Lbs / 16Kg
  • Capacity of Each Drawer- 6.6 Lbs / 3Kg

Here is the editors’ pick for your bedroom since it has all the quality you need in a bedroom with limited space. There is enough room for tall furniture without being too big. There are eight drawers in the dresser, which give us more than enough space for all our needs. This dresser offers four adjustable feet, a water-resistant wood top, and elegant handles that make it easy to pull. Four adjustable feet are also included for uneven surfaces.

There is a lot of reputation for this dresser’s easy assembly. There are no additional materials required to assemble it. All the frames, screws, and allen wrenches will be provided with the package. It is really easy to put together. Just working by myself, this takes me about 20-30 minutes. The dresser is lightweight, so it can be moved easily (empty). When full, it may be difficult to move (dependent on what is inside).


Best solution for small spaces.

The assembly is really simple.

Mobilization is simple.

Highly Durable.

Capacity maximum for storage.



6. Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers, ROMOON

best small dresser for small bedroom


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 11.8″D x 32.8″W x 30.3″H
  • Weight – ‎22.8 Lbs / 10.4Kg
  • Materials- Iron Frame , Polyester, MDF Board, Cardboard, Wood Handle
  • Capacity of Each Drawer- 11lb / 5kg
  • Capacity of the Shelf- 33lb / 15kg

The dresser is of high quality at a reasonable price and would be suitable for your bedroom. Unfortunately, some small rooms might not be able to fit it. This dresser is a little bit large for too much compact space. But if you have a medium-sized room, it would be perfect. We also guarantee that you cannot find this product at this discount price anywhere else.

A perfect dresser must have all the qualities that it provides. In spite of that, it is mainly known for very effortless installation, and this unit is very easy to assemble and very simple to install. This product is lightweight but very durable, and that is what we guarantee. It may be the best purchase if you have a little extra space. Make sure you take a look.


Quick and easy to install.

Light weight. (22.8 Lbs)

A durable dresser.

Enough storage capacity.

Assembly is simple.


A bit large for too little space.

7. Storage Dresser for Bedroom with 6 Drawers, WLIVE

best small dresser for small spaces


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 31.5″D x 11.8″W x 28.7″H
  • Weight – 18.74 Lbs / 8.5Kg
  • Materials- Non woven fabric
  • Finish Type- Wooden, Steel
  • Furniture Finish- Black

If you’re looking for a light-weight and long-lasting dresser for a small space in your room. Here is a dresser that is known for its light-weight construction and great durability. The product has over 3,350 reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 rating. And customers are extremely satisfied with the durability. Furthermore, it looks so stylish that it fits into every corner of your lovely home.

The steel frame and water-resistant top provide ample support and ensure long-term usability. Moreover, it has an anti-tipping system to ensure the safety of your energetic child. Six removable drawers made of high-quality Suede fabrics offer a soft, warm touch; the wooden handle is convenient and beautiful; adjustable feet prevent scratches on floors. Finally, you could move it to whichever room you wish to be cleaner as it’s light-weight.


Excellent light weight

Popular for its long lifespan

Simple to assemble

A reasonable price range

An attractive design

Enough storage space


Available in one color only

8. Four Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower, ROMOON

Best dresser drawer for small space


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 11.7″D x 17.7″W x 36.4″H
  • Weight – 5.06 Lbs / 2.3kg
  • Materials- MDF, Steel Frame, Wooden

Considering that you don’ t need a large amount of storage space on a small dresser, this is the perfect choice for a small bedroom. It is great to know that this small dresser has over 9,000 reviews and a 4.5 rating on Amazon. According to our research, this dresser cannot be found anywhere else for this low price. Customer reviews provide proof of its quality. If you do not need a lot of storage, we highly recommend you check out the dresser.

Known for its light-weight (just 5.06 pounds), this dresser is extremely popular. The dresser is the lightest on the list, and the size is too small. It has four drawers, which can be somewhat of a con. There are many customers who need low storage, and you might be one of them.


Eco-Friendly material.

Weighs little.

Simple to assemble.

Easy to maneuver.

Space saving solutions.


4 Drawer dresser (Low storage)

9. Tall Dresser Storage Chest Tower Unit for Bedroom, mDesign

dresser drawer for small bedroom


  • Product Dimensions -‎ 11.41″D x 22.83″W x 38.9″H
  • Weight – 15.27 Lbs / 7Kg
  • Materials- Synthetic fabric, Steel frame, MDF wood top and Plastic feet

This is a great compact small dresser for your small living and bedroom area. This dresser is compact, lightweight and provides ample storage space while fitting in tight spaces. You can place lamps, books, decor, and more with a wood top. Each large, removable drawer has an easy-pull wood handle that opens and closes with a snap. Floors won’t be scratched by plastic feet, and they are adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces. Side handles enable easy portability, so you can move it whenever you like.

Generally, customers appreciate its small size, handling, and manoeuvrability. Furthermore, its stylish design and light weight make it an appealing product. However, some customers have complained about minor problems. As a result, you may return this product for a full refund.

According to Amazon, “Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges.” Farther, This dresser has a 4.5 rating on Amazon with more than 3,000 reviews. So most customers are very satisfied with this best dresser for small bedroom.


Perfect solution for small space

Easy to move

Enough storage capacity

Easy to assemble


Choose from 8 colors



-Buying Guide-

We now have a wide variety of dressers that are both perfect for your bedroom and suitable for small spaces as well. If you are still confused about choosing your dresser, the following tips can help you decide which is perfect for you.

► Choosing the right size for your dressers

Before buying a dresser, you should measure the space where it will be placed. Next, you should pay attention to the dimensions of your dresser when purchasing it. Make sure the dresser will fit into your room. Choose a tall dresser if possible. As a result, you will have maximum space to keep your clothes if you keep it short.

► Dresser should be easy to assemble

Assembly type is so much essential fact when you are choosing the dresser. You need to know that many dressers require complicated assembly procedures and must be assembled by a plumber. For this reason, selecting the easiest assembly method dresser is the best decision.

► The style of your dresser

Would you like to improve the decoration of your room? A stylish and well-designed dresser will have a huge impact. Everyone wants to enhance the aesthetics of their bedroom. Ensure the dresser matches the rest of your furnishings and the bedroom’s color. So, think about the style before you purchase the dresser.

► Storage Section

If your dresser is going to be placed in a small space, you should pay attention to increasing the number of drawers. Most of these dressers typically come with 4-6 drawers, and that is what most customers want. Our recommendation is to purchase a 6 drawers dresser to get the maximum space.

Final Words 

It is a pleasure to know that you are here with the best dresser for small bedroom available on the market. They have all been rated highly and are best for small spaces and provide high-quality service. In the following comment section, let us know if you still need help choosing the best dresser for your bedroom.


Frequently Asked Question

How do I choose a dresser for my bedroom?

It will depend on how much space you have in your bedroom, how many clothes and accessories you want to put on it, and what colors and designs you like. These things need to be clear in your mind before you can choose the perfect dresser for your bedroom.

Is a dresser a must in the bedroom?

People sometimes dislike having a wardrobe or dressing table in their bedroom, or their bedroom area is not big enough. However, they need a place for clothing and accessories. A dresser is the perfect solution for them.

Which is better a chest of drawers or dresser?

In general, a chest of drawers is taller and narrower, whereas a dresser is shorter and wider, with more varied storage options for clothes, linens, etc. Dressers are long, low and are ideal for those with ample bedroom space. Chests of drawers are tall, narrow and are perfect for smaller bedrooms. Having a matching dresser and chest combination is a great way to create a cohesive room theme that offers ample storage.

What are small drawers called?

Bachelor chests are often used to describe small chests of drawers. If you search on the internet for “Bachelor Chests” you will find many models of small dressers.

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