How To Separate A Sectional Sofa And Use It To Arrange A Room – Guidance & Suggestions

It’s common to face that you got a sectional sofa and need to rearrange your living room. And you might be wondering how to separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room? It’s pretty simple and easy. And yet you came to the right place, and we made this blog post to answer and clear the confusions of commonly asked questions. You can find some information like how to separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room? Sectional sofa layout ideas, How do you split a sectional? How to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room? Etc in this blog post.

How do you Split a Sectional?

The first step to how to separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room? Is How do you split a sectional? Sectional sofas are furniture pieces that are linked by hooks or latches. They can be detached for ease of moving and rearranging. To separate the pieces, locate the clasps holding the sofa together and lift the couch section from the attachment. You can then move the sofa as you wish.

How do you split a sectional

Separating The Sections

1. Take out the couch cushions. Separating the sections can be difficult if they are in your way. These cushions may also cover the handles that you will need to grab to separate the sections. In order to access the handles, the cushions need to be removed.

  • When moving the couch, make sure you have all of the cushions out of reach. If they are too close, someone could trip over them.
  • Some sofas have specific cushions that belong to certain sections. If this is true, you should keep track of which sections have which cushions.
  • Some sofas have cushions that can’t be removed. Just find the corner between the sections to disconnect them. To check if the handles are present, push the cushions as far as possible.
Separating the sections

2. Locate the corner at which the sections of the couch connect. The focal point of sectional couches is the square corner that connects them. This square connects both sections. When you remove this corner, the rest of your couch will fall apart.

3. Lift the corner section by lifting the handle or lip. Many sectional sofas come with a designated spot to steal from. Slide your fingers underneath any plastic lip that is around the rim of the square corner. To separate this section from the others, lift straight up.

  • Grab a spot on the ground and raise your couch if it doesn’t have handles.
  • There are different ways of connecting sofas. Several sofas have connectable slides, while others have clips that can be removed. For most cases, you will need to lift the pieces straight up.
  • Before you attempt to move the corner, make sure it is free from the other sections. A sofa that is still attached to a couch could be torn apart by pulling on it.

4. You should also check if the other sections can be detached. Sectional sofas usually have three pieces: the corner and two attachments. On larger sofas, the sitting areas can be divided into multiple pieces. Make sure there are no gaps by lifting these sections. To detach these sections, lift them straight up.

  • The manual included with your sofa will help you determine if the couch is broken into smaller pieces. You can search the internet for the brand and model of your couch if you don’t have it.
The rearrangement of the sofa

The Rearrangement of The Sofa

1. Decide whether you want to link the pieces together or keep them apart. The decor style you choose will determine the final decision. You can connect the sofa to the space, or reattach them. If you would like to make your workspace larger, you can also keep your cells separated. People also like to keep the sections separated because it is awkward to sit in the corner.

  • You can use the longest section of the sofa to make a sofa. You can then use the smaller pieces as loveseats or corner furniture.
  • Assemble the furniture pieces around a coffee table in order to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Connect the couch sections together by finding their connectors. Sectional sofas can be connected in two ways. The process of securing them is different. To attach them, locate the connectors on your couch.

  • You can see the sliding connector pins on the side of your couch when you are removing the sections. The hook on one side slides into the socket on the opposite side.
  • Snap connectors can be found underneath the sofa. The fork on one side and the pin on the other are both visible. The fork is only visible because it pokes through the couch. On the other side of the fork is the pin.

3. Lifting the hook and sliding the connector pins into the socket is necessary. The hook needs to be inserted into the top socket of the slider connector pin. You should check which side has the socket and which hook. Next, lift the hook section upwards and lower it slowly into the socket.

  • In order to lift easier, generally the corner section with a hook is one that you use.
  • The job can be done alone, but it is easier to ask for help if you have difficulty lifting. It is possible to lift and maneuver sections together, which will take the stress off your shoulders.
rearrangement of the sofa sectional sofa

4. With snap connectors, slide the fork over the pin. The pin must be inserted into the fork section to enable snap connectors. Locate the fork section first. Place the two couches sections side-by-side and align their backs. The pin section should be pushed into the fork until it snaps. This means that the sections are connected.

  • Because the pin isn’t visible, the backs must line up. There is no other way for the sections to meet.
  • If the fork doesn’t make a sound when you push, it means that the pin has been missed. Take the fork out again and make sure that the back is aligned.
  • If the pin and fork are not connected after you have checked that the sections of the couch are aligned correctly, it is possible that the fork was not placed in the correct order. Use a flashlight to locate the pin under the couch and connect the sections visually.

5. Change the cushions on your couch. Once you have connected all of the sections to the couch, place all the cushions back. Now you can enjoy your sectional couch!

  • A few sofas have a specific cushion that matches the square corner. This cushion would have a different shape from the rest. Place the one that is not the same as the rest on the corner.

Top 5 Most affordable Sectional Sofas

This is a list of the 5 most affordable sectional sofas. The couches are of high quality and surprisingly Below is a list of the 5 most affordable sectional sofas. The couches are of high quality and surprisingly affordable. Feedback from customers on those products has been excellent. While writing this post, all of those sofas had over 1000 reviews, with a 4+ star rating. We highly recommend you check them out.

How do you Arrange a Sectional Sofa in a Small Room?

If you have a sectional sofa, you can use it in many different ways. You don’t have to put it in your living room.

How do you Arrange a Sectional Sofa in a Small Room

About the tea/coffee area

If your place has a coffee or tea room, it will be a great place to store your extra sectional sofa. The extra pieces can still be used around the coffee/tea tables. It doesn’t have to match the chair and tea table sets. For your guests, it is still an option.

Let’s have a look at the guest rooms

Depending on whether you have a guest bedroom in your home, you can use one section of your sectional sofa in that room. You can always use 2 pieces from your sectional sofas to make a bed. If you have guests who are coming over and don’t have enough beds, you’ll need an extra bed.

You don’t really need an extra bed. You can separate the pieces to make them stand-alone sofas. As decor, add a coffee table and flowers to brighten up your guest room.

You can also mix and match sectional sofa

This isn’t a very popular idea but it works. Perhaps you have an old corner sofa or chaise lying around? Do you have a spare bedroom?

mix and match sectional sofa

You may have one or both of them available. Why not make that space your extra guest lounge? You can also put in all the extra chaises and corner sofas for any gatherings. You can also use your chaise or corner pieces as a centerpiece. This means that instead of having a table or fireplace between your sofas, you can use a corner piece from one corner sofa. This way, you won’t need to spend too much on a new tea/coffee table. You can save money and make your living space or social area more interesting for your guests.

Sectional Sofa Layout Ideas

A blanket sofa sectional sofa allows you to relax and look at the TV from your couch. The sofa is comfortable enough to accommodate your entire family while you relax. If you have large families or are hosting guests, a sectional sofa might be worth looking at. Relax with your family in your living room. Sectionals are a great option for modern apartment spaces because they offer maximum comfort, warmth, and softness. Your home should reflect your personality no matter what size it is or what style it is.

You can find a variety of sectional sofas in many styles and colors. You can easily find the right sofa for you. The layout of a sectional sofa is affected by the shape of each segment. Sectional sofas are made to be a specific shape. Usually, they will be linear patterns or U-shaped patterns. These layout options can be matched to any living room size and shape.

1. The layout of the Viewing Corner

This layout allows the sectional sofa to convert spaces into a TV lounge area. Sectional sofa plans also help to create areas in your living rooms that you can relax and enjoy. This layout allows sectionals to be placed in the room and creates a feeling of a room within the room.

sectional sofa layout of the Viewing Corner

The sectional sofa layout allows for a lot more lighting, making it possible to create the right mood.

2. The layout of the Conversation Ring

A sectional sofa that can be arranged with additional chairs around the edges. The feeling of space is more decorated and makes it easier to entertain and converse. Due to this sectional arrangement, the TV is no longer the main attraction in the room. This layout creates a large walking area in the seating area.

3. L-shape layout

As its name suggests, this sectional is L-shaped. This shape is created by merging two sections to create a right angle. This layout is the most flexible. Living space can be divided into corners or left open. The L is not the best choice if you live a more formal lifestyle and need to accommodate guests in formal wear and suits.

L-shape layout of sectional sofa

Layouts like this are ideal for informal settings. You have to figure out the size of your room. An L-shaped layout in a small space will look elegant and sophisticated. Sectional sofas in the L-shape are usually made up of two pieces. These are a chaise and a couch, or a sofa with a loveseat and a chaise. The sectional can be extended in either the left or right direction (LAF), depending on whether the arm is facing the left (LAF), or the right (RAF). The sections are often five to six in number.

The L-shape is suitable for smaller rooms. It can hold more people and is great for small spaces. You can add extra space by attaching the sofa to the corner of your living room. This creates additional space for furniture. Changing the arrangement of your living room can be difficult since it is not flexible.

4. U-shape layout

The sectional sofa can be made in a U-shape or deep. This layout is ideal for large spaces. A U-shaped sectional arrangement can be made by putting sofas together to form a U shape. A sofa such as this is great for intimate conversation.

U-shape layout of sectional sofa

This layout is ideal for creating a large apartment or maximizing the space available from your sectionals. This is useful for homes that have more than three people. It allows everyone to sit on the sofa and gives them enough room to spread out.

This layout allows you to seat large numbers of people and gives everyone a great view on your TV screen. You should ensure that everyone seated has a comfortable experience. Due to its large size and shape, this can be difficult to arrange. Sectional sofas in U-shape are made from three sofa-sized pieces that form an angle of ninety degrees when they are attached.

The U-shape layout is ideal for entertainers. If you are hosting a large crowd, it will suit you well. The U-shape sectional couches can be used by the whole family. They are comfortable due to the perfect lumber that fits the back. It is, however, expensive.

5. Circular Sectional Sofa

This layout promotes a relaxed atmosphere. The layout is perfect for gathering friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. This large-sized sofa can look great in a spacious living room.

A circular sofa can be cheaper than buying a complete living room set. You may have difficulty moving. The layout of a house in this style can be challenging to move. Finding a large apartment may sometimes prove difficult.

Circular Sectional Sofa Layout

6. Semicircular Sofa Layout

The sofa layout is a key part of a home. It reveals more about an individual’s preferences. You will be able to change your mind in seconds, thanks to its customizable design. This layout allows for maximum comfort, and it also lets you fill up space in your living room.

This sofa is suitable for families. It can accommodate families with four or more people. The sofa’s curves make it easy for everyone to enjoy a conversation or bonding time. It narrows doorways. Because the section of a sectional couch is large, it can be difficult to pass through doors.

7. Yin Yang Sectional Layout

This sectional sofa layout features a large, segmented design that connects two couches. The Ying yang sectional couches are arranged in opposing directions. This arrangement creates a walkway between the segments. These sofas can be attached in harmony thanks to their segments. This sofa is small and space-efficient, making it ideal for small living rooms.

Yin Yang Sectional sofa Layout

Space can be used by it, as its arrangement allows for enough walking space in the living area. It is, however, expensive.

8. Linear-Layout

This sofa has a horizontal layout, similar to an L-shape. However, the L-shape layout takes up more space than a straight arrangement. When your space is limited, this layout will work well. This design will allow for a larger living area to have more seating options, which will allow your guests to show off their outfits in a seamless way. This layout is perfect for creating a stylish and fashionable room.

Linear-Layout of sectional sofa


Consider the following factors when choosing a sectional sofa layout: your budget, preference, and size of your living space. When purchasing a sectional couch, it is important to consider where and how it will fit into your room’s design. And now you have a good idea of how to separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room? If your living space is small enough, you can easily detach the sectional sofa from its main layout. It is in How to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room? Sectional sofas can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a beautiful interior design. You can easily combine the sofa with other living-room movable furniture. A sectional sofa’s design, durability, and quality are essential in order to suit your space and exude your personal style.


Your sectional sofa set is only as good as the ideas you come up with. You can use your sectional sofa sets in many different ways, as long as there are interesting ideas. Make it interesting and entertaining, not boring. So whenever you think of how to separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room? It won’t be a big deal to handle.

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