10 Superb Tips, How to pick a Couch For Your Living Room [updated 2023]

How to pick a couch for your living room? That’s an important question! No matter what changes you make to your living room, a couch serves as a central component of the design. Guests or your family members must be able to use the couch in a living room that is stylish and comfortable. There are many types of couches available on the market. You just have to figure out which one is right for you.

Our research has been conducted to help improve the quality of your home and what are some ways to decorate your home to the fullest extent possible. These methods have been tried and are greatly appreciated by some intelligent individuals. In order to help you improve your home quality and design, we share these tips. So, let’s find out, how to pick a couch for your living room?

A-List of 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Sof

1. Consider Trying Before You Buy

Do you ever do the age-old mattress test when you’re in search of a new one? I suppose this holds true for a couch as well. In general, sofas have seats that are at least 60cm deep, so if you have long legs you can maneuver them freely, whereas if you are short, you can tuck them under. There is a wide range of seat depths, so take the time to experiment with different styles to ensure that you get good back support. The majority of seat designs have a height between 45cm and 50cm. As far as height goes, it can’t be wrong or right. So again, make sure it’s the right fit for the family before you buy.

2.Check Out The Sofa Arms!

Traditional sofas generally have rounder arms. Elaine Griffin, a designer at Elaine Griffin Interiors, suggests that tuxedo-style sofas, which have straight arms the same height as the sofa’s back, are a modern choice that’s still very timeless. “It’s like the LBD of upholstered seating-it goes with any style of a room.”

3.Sectional Sofa or Stand-Alone Sofa?

Think about what you want the space to accomplish. In a formal living room like this, one that you would use for occasional entertaining, you’ll want a stand-alone sofa, since it has a sleeker, cleaner line. Since a sectional is so wide and inviting, it tends to have a casual look (perfect for lounging, watching TV, napping, or playing games at the coffee table).

4.Choose a Good Fabric

sofa cover fabric designs

Essentially, cotton velvet is a fail-proof material. Young Huh, the designer of the collection, says, “It keeps its shape and looks good.” If you don’t want your house to be ruled by the rule “No eating on the couch,” choose a pattern that hides stains and a dark color. Avoid chenille, which will stretch and warp over time.

5. Adjust The Size Based on The Room

It is possible to set the atmosphere of your space by choosing the right sofa style. In a more formal living room, choose a sofa with a tufted back and rolled arms. If you are looking to buy a sofa for your living room, opt for one with loose back cushions and a deeper seat.

You should consider performance fabrics if you have children, pets, or love red wine. In comparison to standard linen or twill, these are much more durable and designed to withstand daily messes. When buying a sofa for a low traffic area, you can choose the designer print you’ve been eyeing or a gorgeous vintage velvet.

Use painter’s tape to mark out the dimensions of the sofa on your floor if you’re having trouble visualizing its size in your space. It also gives you a chance to discern whether all walkways feel clear and not too narrow.

6. Handle Cushions with Care

Choosing the right sofa for your living room can make or break the layout of the space. When choosing a living room sofa for entertaining, choose one with a shallower depth that allows you to sit upright and is easier to get in and out of.

Bench seats can be useful for small rooms because they allow room to sit even more people than three cushions.

7. Seat Depth Is Essential

You don’t get to slouch onto a couch for movie night and you (and your friends) can sit upright in one when you can chat over a cocktail.
Dimensions from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the back pillow are more important than overall depth. This is what you need to know:

1. The 18-inch deep sofa looks modern and cool, but nobody would call it cozy.

2. At 22 inches deep, it’s the minimum depth for sitting comfortably, without compromising on style.

3. Lie down comfortably (alone) with 24 inches of depth.

4. Choosing 33 Inches Deep is that sink-into-it feeling that leaves you thinking, “Maybe I’ll just stay here tonight.”

8. If You Don’t Have Much Wall Space

The love seat should be avoided. Despite its 60-inch width, it’s never wide enough to seat two people comfortably. Griffin quips, “For two people to sit together on one, they have to be truly in love.”. You should choose a 72-inch “apartment-size” sofa, instead. It can accommodate two average-sized people and is long enough so that you can take a nap there.”

9. Plan Out Your Investments Accurately

It is wise to invest as much as you can afford in an attractive frame – a solid hardwood construction is an excellent choice, but avoid particleboard or metal construction if you can. Also, make sure that your product comes with a 15-year warranty.

10. Show Its Prominence

Choosing the couch first is a good idea since it’s usually the most substantial piece in the room. Following the couch, you can decide on a coffee table and other elements.

If I had to choose, I would opt for a straight French-inspired couch to entertain guests and a 70s-style Italian sofa for relaxing. The L-shaped piece is seeing a big revival.

The way velvets and silk velvets play with light and add some glamour is very appealing to me. In order to create a more understated elegance, wools and linens can be woven together for chic and sophisticated results. If you choose a broad palette of greens, pinks or terracotta shades, you cannot go wrong with bouclé ivory.


Access may dictate that you pick a low-back style, one with removable legs or even one that can be delivered in sections if there is limited space. In small rooms, consider a snuggler or a two-seater. Though the dream sofa might be insightful, you’ll have to think practically as well. With the help of the internet, choosing a couch that fits your needs and appearance has never been easier. That’s how to pick a couch for your living room?. Hopefully, if you follow our tips, you can get the most satisfying results from your living room. 🙂

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