How To Measure A Sectional Sofa (A Complete Guideline)

Sectional sofas are the number one need of any house. It is the most practical, functional piece of furniture most people buy. Whenever you are moving a sectional sofa to your house or want to learn the correct dimension of a sectional sofa, you must measure. 

So people often ask,” How to measure a sectional sofa?” Well, many people on the internet are talking about measuring a sectional sofa. Still, they are not able to answer it precisely. In this article, I’m going to cover every aspect of measuring a sofa and the regular dimensions of a sectional sofa. 

There are some ways that you can apply yourself to measure the sectional sofa dimensions easily. I’ve always used these methods to measure my sofa and I bet it was the easiest and fastest way to measure a sectional sofa. I think it is time that I share these with all of you. So let’s just not waste time and get started. 

Measuring a sectional sofa.

Measuring a sofa isn’t a big deal at all. it is as easy as you think it is. In many situations measuring a sofa comes handy. Whenever you need a new sectional sofa or you want to move the sectional to another place, measuring the sofa is a must. There are some ways to actually measure a sofa.

Firstly you must understand what to measure in a sectional sofa. There are four things that are measured normally for a sectional sofa.

1. The length.

2. The width.

3. The height.

4. The depth.

The total length and the width of the sectional sofa is the measurement of your sofa. You can simply think of the sides of the sofa as parallelograms and use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the sofa. And if you get confused by the shape of the sofa sides. You can just divide it into small triangles by thinking of a diagonal and measuring the base and height of the sofa sides.

Measuring a sectional sofa

How to measure sectional sofa dimensions?

Above, I have mentioned four criteria to measure a sectional. But before measuring a couch’s dimensions you must be aware of the standard space it takes.

The most common dimensions for sectional would include lengths of 78″ – 88″ for a 3-seat version. The depth from the back of the sofa to the front of the seat cushion is most typically 36″ – 40″ and the total depth from the back of the sofa to the front of the chaise cushion is 68″ – 72″ For a 5 seater it measures with equal sides are 95″ x 95″ or 98″ x 98″ with depths of 36″ – 40″.

Okey, The most common way to measure a sofa is using a measuring tape. But sometimes it might get confusing when it comes to measuring a sectional sofa. To make things simple I am here to share a handy imagining tip to measure the dimensions of a sectional sofa more easily.

Consider before measuring a Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas come in different sizes. But you must make your thoughts simple to get started to actually get the dimensions of a sectional couch. Go to your living room and check the sides of the sectional sofa. Check every side, commonly the long side is rectangular and the shorter sides compared to the rectangular side, it should be like a parallelogram. The curved sectional sofa’s sides look like a parallelogram, so it might get confusing but do not confuse your imagination. Or else it won’t work.

Imagining as rectangle and parallelogram is done. Now here comes the measuring part with a measurement tape. Now what you should do is divide the whole sofa size into 4 sections. Think of two lines bisecting each other at a 90-degree angle. It’s just like the cartesian graph. In the X to X’ it is the height of the sectional couch. And the Y to Y’ line is the width of the sectional couch. It is just applicable for the parallelogram sides of the sofa that you imagined earlier.

You got the height and the width of the sofa. But remember that the width doesn’t include chaise sectional. For the chaise sectional I am explaining the length of the sofa. Now go to the rectangular side of the sofa and just measure one side to another side by side to know the overall length of the sofa. It seems like a whole lot of work but I will make it simple.

And for the chaise sectional, Just add the measurement of the chaise side by side with the width that you got earlier. That’s it.

Measuring Summary:

Let me explain the whole thing in a more simple way. First of all for the width and the height you just need to think of the sides as a parallelogram if it is not totally square or rectangular. Then just simple geometry measures the height of the parallelogram and the base to get the width. 

For the chaise section just add the measure of the chaise sectional base to the width to get the total. Now for the other sides of the sofa, it should be in a rectangular shape. Just measure the two sides to get the overall length of the sofa easily.

I should mention that there are different sizes and shapes of sofas available. Like 3-seater, 5-seater, l-shaped sectional, u-shaped sectional, modular sectionals, reclining sectional, chaise sofa, chaise lounge, accent chairs, leather sofa, regular sofa, small sectional, large sectional, /chaise sectional, curved sectional, corner sofa, curved sectionals, reclining sectionals, traditional sofa, etc and many more. They all can be measured the same way. So do not worry.

How to measure the depth of the sofa?

An actual seating area has a depth of a certain number of inches. Therefore, it includes the size of the seating cushions, the back cushions, and the frame behind the cushions. In order to know how deep the seating area will be, you need to measure the depth.

Firstly, measure the sofa’s length; then add a couple of inches for the sofa’s frame, and you’ll have the sofa’s depth.

How to measure sectional sofa dimensions

Diagonal depth: 

From the highest point of the back frame (without pillows) to the front of the arm, place a straight edge to determine the diagonal depth of a sofa. Afterward, measure the straight edge bisecting the bottom rear corner of the sofa. The last measurement is the diagonal depth.

How to measure a sectional sofa with a wedge?

There are three steps to measure a sectional sofa with a wedge. Measurement with a wedge involves specific techniques, unlike traditional sectionals without rounded corners. Don’t worry, it’s relatively simple.

But why should you learn to measure sectionals? You can use the exact dimensions to place it or buy a slipcover or fabric if you wish. Now let’s get to measuring. 

First Step: Position the measuring tape

On the sectional’s front corner, secure the tape measure with the hooked tab. Place the tape measure on the floor and use a second tape measure to measure the curve of your couch. Before securing the second tape in place, it should extend beyond the first tape to reach the back center of the curve. 

Second Step: Measure the dimensions

On the cross-section of the tape measures, place a piece of tape and mark the inner edges. The same should be done at both ends and the center back of the sectional. As a result of marking several points where the tapes intersect, a rectangle will be formed with the dimensions you need to house the curved couch. 

Last step: Draw a sketch of the sofa with the measurements

Measure the length, width, and depth of every sofa section. Be sure to take into account the wedge and curved portions of the sofa. Make a curved template by tracing the wedge’s size onto a separate sheet of paper. 

How to measure space for a sectional sofa?

If you brought home a sectional sofa for your space then you should measure it to place your sectional sofa perfectly. Where ever you’re moving your couch to it doesn’t matter if it is your family room, small space, large space anywhere you want. A sectional sofa can be used as a great interior design. And it is also great for your living space.

to place your beloved couch in the right place and perfectly place it you must need couch dimensions. seat height or depth doesn’t particularly need in this situation. Other than that get the couch dimensions and determine how large a piece it is for your space.

Then in the next step, you must measure the space where you are going to place your sectional piece. If you have larger dimensions than your sectional couch then just move the separate piece in and place it where you want it to be. It is recommended to keep a 2 or 3 inches gap between walls with your couch. 


Getting the exact dimensions of the furniture is crucial to ensuring that your DIY slipcover fits the sectional securely. Despite its simplicity, many people do not know how to measure a sectional sofa with a wedge. There is one secret trick you can use to calculate the wedge or curved corner on these sectionals. 

The wedge will be placed on a rectangular piece of masking tape that has been marked out. Once that is done, proceed as if you were measuring another sofa.

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