9 easy ways, How to accessorize a bedroom dresser?

A house that is well decorated is important. Do you know how to tell if a person’s mind is well arranged based on their personality? One of the first things you should look for when visiting someone’s house is how well it is decorated. This will give you an idea of how good they are. However, today’s topic is not about decorating a house, but about how to accessorize a bedroom dresser? A dresser is also an important part of a bedroom where you put your clothes or everyday items at. So, it should be well arranged also.

In this article, we are going to talk all about accessorizing a bedroom dresser. I am going to explain simple and creative ways to arrange a bedroom dresser. We recommend you read the whole article to visualize accessorizing a bedroom dresser. I bet you won’t be disappointed. 

9 simple ideas: How to accessorize a bedroom dresser?

1. Keep your dresser clean

It is important to always keep your dresser clean. You don’t want cockroaches or other bugs to nest on your dresser and breed more bugs. You may not find this idea particularly creative. If your dresser is not ultimately clean or you don’t clean your dresser regularly, you will not be able to make its beauty shine. 

Your dresser will glow if it is clean, and anyone who sees it will be amazed. A dresser should be clean once a week. However, if you cannot clean your dresser once a week, then you can simply use a cloth as a covering. It will prevent your dresser from dust or dirt. 

2. Keep a mirror on top of the dresser

You can use a mirror on top of the dresser to use it as a dressing table. When you shop for a dresser on the market, you will find some with mirrors attached to them but most dressers do not have mirrors attached to them. If you have the same kind of dresser at your home which doesn’t have a mirror attached to it. Then you just can buy a mirror and place it on the top of your dresser. 

It is a great idea for giving your bedroom a nice look. A mirror placed on top of a dresser not only enhances the beauty of your dresser but also enhances the beauty of your bedroom. Therefore, we recommend that you use a mirror with your dresser.

3. Place some decorative accents

Decorative accents can be placed on top of the dresser to make it more attractive. This is the key to making the dresser more attractive. These small decorative items will show a creative personality and also will give you mental peace. Use a good blend of colors for the small items placed on top of your dresser. But, do not use any unnecessary items or colors that will ruin the beauty of your bedroom. 

Place some decorative accents

There are varieties of small decorative items which can be used on top of a dresser. Let me give you a rough idea about these items to get cleared more. If your dresser is situated right beside your bed then you can use a small lamp on top of the dresser. You can also place a small flower vase, fish bowl, small plants, photo frames, key holder, etc.

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4. Keep your dresser top organized

Most of the time people don’t find their dresser top well decorated. Most people keep their books, glasses, and everyday small items wherever they like. Because of this, people find it unorganized and it looks less beautiful atop the dresser. If you want to keep your bedroom dresser well organized then you should also keep in mind to keep your everyday items accessorized with your small decorative items.

Keep your dresser top organized

For example, you can keep your fish bowl on top of some books or you can keep your flower vase aside from the books. These small decorative ideas are important to never ruin the beauty of your dresser. 

5. Use candles at night on top of a dresser

It is a good creative idea to use candles at night. If your dresser is too big of size then you can use candles to fill the small spaces on top of your dresser. Just make sure you clean any leftover wax.

Use candles at night on top of a dresser

6. Use a good paint matching your bedrooms wall

If you like to have a classic look to your dresser and if your dresser is made of wood then you will find this step interesting. You can match the accent color of your walls so that it looks better in your bedroom. However, color selection is a very important factor when it comes to decorating a room nicely and perfectly. That is why it is a very important step to follow.

7.   Organize your others bedroom furniture properly

Whenever you brought new furniture to your home make sure to make your room well organized. Don’t make your house full of furniture, it will just ruin the quality of the decoration you want for your house to be perfectly satisfied. It may be the reason you don’t notice your dresser amidst all of this furniture.

Organize your others bedroom furniture properly

8. Don’t use mirrors on top of a tall dresser

A mirror is not a good match for a tall dresser. Normally people don’t notice if a mirror is placed on a tall dresser. Also, you won’t use your mirror if a mirror is placed on the top of a tall dresser. That’s why you can use a big photo frame on top of the dresser or place a photo frame on top of the dresser’s wall. Remember the above steps before organizing a tall dresser. 

Don’t use mirrors on top of a tall dresser

9. You can place a TV on top of a large sized dresser

If you have a TV at your house, a large dresser top is a great place to put the TV. In this way, you don’t have to use mirrors or extra decorative pieces to decorate the top of a dresser. But you should always make sure you choose the right paint for your dresser. To make it simple to decorate your dresser, placing a TV can be a shortcut idea to decorate your bedroom. 

You can place a TV on top of a large sized dresser

Some suggestions to consider when buying a dresser.

If you are thinking of buying a dresser for your bedroom, then remember to keep in mind to make sure you get the right size dresser matching your room size. Make sure to choose the perfect dresser color which matches your room color, furniture color, style, and personality. However, you should also keep in mind pf storage of a dresser. I personally recommend you to get 4 or 6 drawers including a dresser. 

If you are searching for the perfect dresser to buy for your bedroom. Then you must check this article (9 Prefect Dressers For A Small Bedroom) to make the best decision when going to buy a dresser. I highly recommend checking out this article. Check out the dressers here.


This article is all about how to accessorize a bedroom dresser? At your house. I have made it clear not just only to make your dresser look cool but also your dresser. If you follow the above 9 steps, we ensure you that you can make the most of your dresser and also decorate it in the most perfect way possible. If you have any type of question about decorating a bedroom dresser then you can just leave a comment and we will be in touch. 

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