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Are you looking for some unique, simple, and attractive ideas to organize your dresser top? Then you are in a perfect place to find out the best ideas to decorate your dresser by organizing your dresser top.

Dresser Top Organization Ideas

Most of the dressers in the market are 6 drawer dressers with an affordable budget (Under $200). And nowadays this is an essential piece of furniture for every bedroom. That is why everyone needs to know about organizing the dresser top.

Let’s get straight to the point. In this post, we’ll learn about six simple ways to organize your dresser top. Let me show you how to organize your bedroom dresser top simply and creatively. You should read the whole article to visualize how a bedroom dresser can be accessorized. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

6 Easy Dresser Top Organization Ideas

This is a list of ideas for organizing the top of your dresser. Then, you will get detailed explanations for each dresser top organizer concept. Choosing the perfect bedroom accessories can make your bedroom stand out.

1. Use some lighting

2. Make it aesthetic

3. Use Only Little Plants

4. Use a mirror

5. Keep it simple

6. Don’t Use large accents

1. Use some lighting

Dressers are usually used beside beds most of the time. In that case, putting some lighting on top of your dresser is an excellent idea. Depending on your preference, you can use lamps, electric candles, and so on. The idea of using candles at night is a good one.

How To Organize Dresser Top

The small spaces on top of your dresser can be filled with candles if your dresser is too large. The only requirement is to clean any wax residue if you intend on using original candles.

2. Make it aesthetic

You can simply make your dresser top look aesthetic by using some small items. You don’t need to worry or overthink to make it looks aesthetic. It is pretty easy you can just simply use a small aquarium with some fish on it, you can use a flowered vest, a small statue of something, or anything you like the most. Make it simple but gorgeous looking.

3. Use Only Little Plants

If your dresser is placed beside your window. Then it is a fantastic idea to place some trees on it. Why? The simple reason for that is the sun is a great source of light for your tree to grow and make its food. But remember not to use big plants on the dresser cause it won’t look good on it.

Organize Dresser Top

So to make it look good and fresh you should only use little plants on it. The plants will be fresh because of the sunlight and your dresser will look beautiful. 

4. Use a mirror

Mirrors are a really useful thing. Gorgeous but simple-looking mirrors are fantastic and a traditional way to make your dresser look good. If you have a medium-sized dresser then you can place a not too big mirror on top of it. It should be simple but it can be to your liking. You can also place some small accents or your important things before the mirror. 

5. Keep it simple

You need to keep in mind that you should not make your dresser too fancy looking or too gorgeous that your room doesn’t go with the dresser. But if you have a fancy-looking room then you can make your dresser look fancy too. But normally people don’t design their room with a fancy accent where their dresser takes place.

ideas to organize your dresser top

So you should keep the dresser top simple and you can use simple things to decorate the dresser top, You use a mirror, small plants, a small aquarium, some books, a statue, etc. 

6. Don’t Use large accents

Large accents on top of the dresser normally look odd. Large things placed on the dresser top can not be a good way to decorate the dresser top. Since large accents have their style, they should be placed alone. Small but attractive items should take place on the dresser top. So you should not use large accents on the top of the dresser. 

Keeping a dresser top decorated is important.

Dresser tops are an empty space that should be decorated. If there is nothing placed on the top of a dresser it looks odd and you don’t want anything at your home to look odd. So there are some things that you must consider to decorate a dresser. Dressers can be called by various names like dresser, chest, cabinet, and so on. 

Nevertheless, all of these things can also be decorated in the same way as a dresser top. However, if you don’t have a dresser yet or thinking to buy one we recommend some best 6 drawer dressers on an affordable budget.

Dresser top decorating tips and tricks

Decorating a dresser top is easy and simple. Anybody with some creativity can easily decorate a dresser top. But the main thing that you should keep in mind is the size of the dresser and the size of what you are placing on it. But it is always recommended to place small accents on top of a dresser. Cause large decorative items placed on top of the dresser to look odd.

Dresser top decorating tips and tricks

Secondly, you must look at your room and how it is designed and then you should think if you will make your dresser look fancy, simple or gorgeous. But usually, most people have their room decorated simply. So what you should do is make your dresser top simple but gorgeous looking. Like you can place a mirror, small items, a fish in a bowl or some attractive books or magazines, etc.

And, lastly, you should always keep your dresser top clean. You can place a covering on top of the dresser and you can simply change it when it gets dirty. Every 7 days is a good length to change the dresser tops clothing.


It is important to make your dresser top look aesthetic. You should make your dresser look good. Or else it just looks like an empty place. That is why I have explained some things and mentioned some of my great ideas to make your dresser look gorgeous. I bet this article is worth your time.😉

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