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Papasan chairs(bowl chairs also called moon chairs) are oversized rounded bowl-shaped chairs with adjustable angles. Rattan or wooden uprights are sometimes used to support the bowl, but traditionally they are made of rattan. Two rings are commonly used on the base frame, the larger one intended to support the bowl upright, and the smaller one for floor placement. 

Chair cushions are typically made of thick velveteen material filled with cotton fluff, similar to futon cushions. Papasans are traditionally made with removable cushions that can be used outside of the sturdy framework. It is common to find papasan chairs with a width of 35 to 60 inches and a depth of 35 inches.

Types Of Papasan Chairs

Papasan chair has a comfortable sitting and it is a gorgeous-looking decor piece too. The papasan chair can be two types of papasan chairs. 1. The Papasan Chair(Single Papasan Chair), and 2. The Mamasan Chair(Double Papasan Chair). Let’s talk more about the types and what a papasan chair is.

What are papasan chairs made of?

Papasan or mamasan chair is an oversized bowl-shaped circular chair. These chairs are large, rounded bowl-shaped chairs with adjustable angles. The papasan chair is wood-made actually. Traditionally, the bowl is supported by an upright frame of rattan, but other materials can be used as well. In a similar fashion to futon cushions, chair cushions are filled with thick velveteen material.

What are papasan chairs made of

What are papasan chairs?

Papasan chairs are accent chairs with great comfort. It is not just a comfortable piece of furniture but it can be a great decorative piece in your house. The Papasan chair is an eye-catching chair with a modern and great style. 

Are Papasan chairs in style

Are papasan chairs in style?

Yes, Papasan chairs are indeed modern and in style. These chairs are a special type of accent chair with a shape like a bowl. It is an oversized bowl-shaped chair with extreme comfort. An eye-catching piece, It can be in 2 main types. The papasan is also called the moon chair. It is traditionally made of rattan and wicker. But other materials can be used to build a papasan chair or mamasan chair. Indeed the papasan chair is an amazing piece of furniture.

5 Different types of papasan chairs.

Papasan chairs are mainly 2 types. 1. Papasan Chair(Single seated papasan), 2. Mamasan Chair(double seated papasan). But there is more to know beyond one person seater or two person seater. Those 2 main type of papasan is traditional types. But in our modern age, there are more different types of papasan chairs that exist based on there style and design. We have made an explanation for the 5 basic types of papasan chairs below after the list. They are,

Different types of papasan chairs

Here are the explanations of the 5 types of Papasan Chair.

1. Wicker Papasan Chair

Take the classic papasan chair design and give it a modern twist. Lie back and relax on the generously sized Dacron-filled cushion. This woven resin wicker and metal frame piece features a boho vibe. You can twist and turn the chair to your heart’s content thanks to the 360-degree swivel.

Wicker Papasan Chair

2. Rattan Papasan Chair

A perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space, this 360-degree swivel chair is ideal for relaxing on a warm afternoon. The water-resistant cushion and poly-rattan woven look provide this chair with a timeless look that will complement any home.

Rattan Papasan Chair

The weather-resistant and durable structure of this piece are made of a steel frame and polyester material. These chairs will become your favorite spot to relax, and with built-in fabric, and straps to keep cushions in place, they will last you for years to come.

3. Saucer Chair (Moon Chair, Bowl Chair)

The furry chair will make everything more fun, whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, or doing your homework. It is also known as the bowl chair or moon chair. Designed for adults, teens, and children alike, the extra-large chair is a perfect fit for all. You can cozy up with one right now!

Saucer Chair

Take advantage of your new chair as soon as it arrives! With a foldable design, it’s easy to store and transport – once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to be without it.

4. 360-Degree Swivel Papasan Chair

This classic papasan chair creates a laid-back vibe in your home. The cushion is generously sized and filled with Dacron. Wrapped over a metal frame, our durable resin wicker has a boho style. Featuring a 360-degree swivel to allow for unlimited twisting and turning.

360-Degree Swivel Papasan Chair

Taking a sip from a cool, refreshing drink and listening to your favorite albums will transport you back in time. You will love the easy, casual styling of the Papasan Chair in your living room, family room, or dorm. A variety of colors and finishes are available. The best combination of durability, quality, and fun!

5. Modern Papasan Chair

You will feel comfortable thanks to the soft-touch cloth and the spacious sitting area. Our lazy chair is the perfect place to relax after bathing, relieving fatigue and restoring your body’s balance. The perfect way to wind down before bed is with a glass of wine.

The moment of happiness comes when you lie on the lazy chair and enjoy a beer while feeling the need for a break. As a matter of fact, despite the chair’s size, it is lightweight, so you can easily lift it whenever you want. Sometimes modern papasan chairs are placed in the dining for decorative purposes.

Well, we have our recommendation for a modern papasan chair. You can have a look at HollyHOME Modern Cotton Fabric Lazy Chair, hopefully, you will like it.

Why is it called a papasan chair?

The Papasan chair features a simple design and is ideal for any interior design. Originating from South East Asia, the Papasan chair is now available in several colors. It was the Americans that named it Papasan during World Wars II, an American word meaning honoring father/elder.

In the South Eastern region of Asia, the chairs were called Ratan. Papasan was the name given to it by the Americans during World War II. In Japanese, it means honoring father/elder. After World War II, the chair became a popular choice in the West. 

As a result of its popularity in the Western world after World War II, the chair evolved from its original raffia design to one with a cushion. No matter what design it has, it is still the humble Papasan, as it is known in Filipino culture. Today, It is really popular and such a beautiful chair all over the world.

Alternative to papasan chair.

The Papasan chair is a bowl-shaped chair with great comfort. It is an amazing piece. Usually, this bowl chair takes place in a living room, patio, or porch. It can be used as outdoor furniture too. It has a strong frame and is traditionally made with a rattan frame and wicker. The seat is pretty comfortable to sit on. While the papasan chair is a  great and perfect seat. We still managed to find an alternative to the papasan chair. 

The egg chair can be a great alternative to the papasan chair. Usually, the egg chair is used as a decorative office chair. The egg chair’s material is a steel frame and fabric cover. the egg chair is usually placed before the wall as wall decor. It looks kind of similar to a hanging papasan chair.


A standard papasan chair is mainly for 1 person seater. But the other type of papasan is a big bowl-shaped chair that is for 2 person seater. There are many different types of papasan in our modern age which are mentioned in this particular article. There is a papasan that can be used as a rocking chair too. 

You can always decorate your papasan in the living room by simply placing oval rugs in front of the papasan or under the papasan. Placing pillows in the papasan looks good and quite comfortable. The cushion combination looks great on a papasan chair. Thank you for reading this article, Support us with more Papasan-related articles, and wish us luck.😉

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