How to make a papasan chair more comfortable? (5 Simple Tips)

Papasan chairs are designed to provide comfort and stability. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The material they’re made from varies depending on the build. Some are made from rattan or wicker, some are wood, and some are metal.

This versatile chair is a great piece of furniture for relaxing and entertaining guests with other purposes. They also make excellent gifts for family members who enjoy spending time together. In addition to being functional, this bowl-shaped chair is stylish and looks good in almost any room or balcony.

How to make a papasan chair more comfortable

We’re a comfort-loving generation. Papasan chairs are usually comfortable without any undesired reason. But many people want to know how to make them more comfortable. So in this article, I’m going to give you detailed information about ways to make this bowl chair more comfortable, the weight limit, and how much it costs. 

How do Papasan chairs work?

Papasan chair is a great way to relax at home in a comfortable sitting. This chair has been around for centuries and was originally designed for comfort. However, nowadays, the papasan chair is also popular among people who want to relax at home. 

How do Papasan chairs work

This comfortable chair is a great way to utilize space at home while watching TV or reading a book. The chair consists of two parts: the seat and the backrest. The seat has a curved shape which makes it comfortable for sitting. The backrest is made up of several pieces of rattan or wicker that form a rounded shape. This design allows the person using the chair to lean back comfortably and rest on it.

Double papasan chair

Papasan chairs designed for two people are called double Papasan chairs or mamasan chairs. The Mamasan chair is the larger version of the Papasan chair. It is also made of rattan, which makes it flexible.

Note: This flexible chair is more comfortable, more durable, and has a greater weight limit than the Papasan chair. As an upholstered chair, This one is my favorite piece of furniture.

5 Ways to make a Papasan chair more comfortable

Papasan chairs are usually made for comfort. Still, people are curious to know how to make my papasan chair for ultimate comfort. I have made 5 amazing ways to make your papasan chair for ultimate comfort. Let’s have a look at those.

1. Armrest elbow support.

Pillows in the papasan chairs are a great option. These can be used as support for your lumbar back. You can rest your arms by using pillows placed under your arms. You may also use the chair frame as an armrest. If you are looking for more comfort and softness, a velvet pillow or a throw pillow would be great choices.

Armrest elbow support

2. Cushion the frames.

Adding circular or thick foam cushions is the best way to make a papasan chair more comfortable. These cushions absorb the harmful impact on your body. They ensure a comfortable armrest. When you sit on the Papasan chair, the circular cushions will provide support to your lower back. This will help you stay comfortable and make it a comfy chair.

Cushion the frames

Note: You should only sit on a chair with a cushion if you are overweight. You will feel pressure on your back when you sit on this chair with no cushion. Sitting on a chair that doesn’t have a cushion may also cause muscle strains or pain in your back.

3. Consider a Footrest.

To sit comfortably on a chair, you need a footrest. Ensuring your footrest is essential when sitting on any type of chair. With a papasan chair, you can use a footstool ottoman. By using it you will feel comfortable and soft on your feet. Footstool ottomans come in a variety of sizes, such as large, small, and medium. It’s great for the footrest.

Consider a Footrest

But a mamasan chair doesn’t require a footrest. Because the mamasan chair is big enough for a person to place their foot over it while you sit.

4. Place a rug.

Using the rug under this chair will make you feel much more comfortable. It is so functional for your footrest. Wool rugs are soft, durable, and stain and water-resistant. A Papasan chair and a circular rug will provide a comfortable environment with warmth under your feet.

Place a rug

5. Experiment with different sitting positions.

The papasan chair’s design allows for a variety of sitting positions, so try out different positions to see what is most comfortable for you.

Experiment with different sitting positions

Which is better for the Papasan chair, “Rattan” or, ” Wicker”?

While it is tough to judge which material is better to make a papasan chair, I recommend wicker. Wicker is a style of weave and on the other hand, and rattan is just a material. There are several natural and synthetic materials that can be woven into wicker pieces, including bamboo, reed, and synthetic resin. 

Which is better for the Papasan chair Rattan or Wicker

In addition to rattan, wicker can also be made from several other natural and synthetic materials. Wicker furniture has evolved over time to encompass many different types. About rattan, it is a great choice too. It is sturdy and has a pure natural vibe to build a papasan chair. So you can surely choose rattan over wicker. But wicker is better for our researcher’s team.


This article consists of some ways to make a papasan chair more comfortable. Adding a lumbar support pillow to your armrest. Then, cover the chair with a thick foam cushion. Use a rug and footstool ottoman for the footrest. Also, you can add more pillows to your swivel papasan chair. Most users are satisfied with these amazing 5 steps. By following these 5 steps, we ensure that your papasan chair will be more comfortable when you sit on it. 

You can also ask any questions about papasan chairs in the comment section below. We will provide authentic answers to your questions as soon as possible. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Papasan Chair Cost?

A papasan chair costs around $250-$400. The price depends on the quality of the materials used, such as rattan, wood, metal/still, PVC, etc. If you want a high-quality one, then you should spend at least $500 or more on a papasan chair.

Are Papasan chairs bad for your back?

Usually using a Papasan chair doesn’t have much effect on the spine. However, sitting continuously for a long time can cause back pain by compressing the spine and neck. That’s why Papasan chair users are advised to stand up after every half an hour if they sit for longer periods.
Note: Sitting for too long on any chair is bad for your back and spine. So try not to spend too much time sitting on a chair.

How much Weight Can a Papasan Chair Hold?

The ideal weight limit of Papasan chairs is around 250-350 pounds. If you are not satisfied with this weight limit. If you need a higher weight limit. Then there is no reason to worry.
Rattan and wicker was the only material from which Papasan chairs were made, but in the 21st century, it has introduced a more stable, updated version. Now you can select stronger materials instead of rattan. Wood, metal/still, PVC, etc modern materials can hold more than 420 pounds weight.

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