Can Power Recliners Be Used Or Operated Manually? – Details Discussion

By definition, we know that recliners are chairs or sofas with adjustable back and leg rest. That means recliners are made to cure back pain and offer comfort. It’s just great!! But, there is a problem, recliners are operated by electric motors. That means you will need electricity to operate it. But can power recliners be used manually?

can power recliners be used manually

It is a really common question among people. And they ask if a power recliner can operate manually cause they are worried about the recliner motor malfunctioning. Today, I am going to cover all about can power recliners be operated manually? Or not?  

Do power recliners work without power?

Electric recliners, also known as power lift recliner, or motorized recliner is powered by electricity. With an attached remote control, the chair’s motor (single or dual motor) moves the adjustable parts, so finding the perfect position is a snap. The backrest and footrest are independently adjustable on recliners position with more than one motor, making it easier to find a comfortable seating position.

A backup battery is provided with power source recliners to allow the user to return the seat to its original position in the event of a power outage.

Can power recliners be used manually:

As the name suggests a power recliner is powered by electricity or it needs a power source. And if the motor goes out then sadly it cannot work without power or manually. But the good part is power recliners with simple mechanics can last between 10 and 20 years, depending on their handling and frequency of use.

Can power recliners be operated manually

Repairing a power recliner

Do you have a problem with your power recliner? As well as if you plan on fixing it yourself. Here is a video that shows how a power recliner works and how to diagnose some of its basic functions. 

What do you do when your electric recliner stops working?

The question that people constantly ask is can power recliners be operated manually? Well, the simple answer to this question is no power recliners can’t be operated manually. As the name suggests it needs electrical power to recline. So it simply can’t be used manually when it stops working. 

However, What you should do if your electric recliner stops working? There should be some way to do something to fix it before taking it to a professional. Good for you, there is! What you can do is troubleshoot your recliner to know where the problem is. Let me explain some troubleshooting techniques to determine the problem with your power recliner. 

First Step: Determine where your recliner is plugged into.

Well, the first thing you do when your electric recliner comes home is plug it in and give it try. The reason behind that is it should be plugged in and used. But if it doesn’t work then what common sense tells you to do? Yes, you got it that’s the first step. Easy and simple. The first thing you do is to check the connection between your furniture cord and the outlet. the first step is to check your furniture cord connection to the outlet.

It might get unplugged, if it is unplugged then plug it in. Make sure your connection between your recliner’s electrical cord and the outlet is well plugged. If it doesn’t work then you should just test your outlet with any other furniture appliances by plugging it in. Cause maybe the problem might be in your outlet but not the recliner.

If you still don’t receive power after plugging in your new recliner, check your circuit breakers. Higher-powered electronics and multiple appliances may not function properly on one breaker in older homes.

Second Step: Troubleshooting the power recliner.

Okey after the first step it might come to a scenario where there is no problem with the outlet or circuit breaker. It means your recliner might have a problem inside. Accessing your power recliner can help you determine the problem easily. The wiring setups on power recliners vary, and power reclining sofas and sectionals can be incredibly complicated.

Before you begin troubleshooting, make sure your furniture is unplugged. Turn your furniture over to find the wiring sections. When moving large furniture pieces such as sofas or sectionals, you should have someone assist you. Please contact your salesperson for more detailed instructions if you need them.

Power switches can be found on the backs of your furniture. There are sometimes power switches on the back of recliners, which make it easy to access the power. Ensure that the switch is turned on. The light-up indicator on most controls lets you know when they are receiving power.

Next, you should inspect the back of the recliner. Your sofa back may have a Velcro section that can be removed or have a screw to be removed. It is not recommended to attempt to remove sewn-on backs, as you may damage your furniture.

Remember that different models have different layouts and parts, so be sure to check the back of your furniture for any cords, batteries, electrical parts, or recliner motors. Make sure that all power cords are connected properly, and reconnect any that may have come loose.

Unplugging and reconnecting your cords will ensure they are properly connected. It is sometimes possible to turn off electrical components and on again a power recliner after turning it off. If you happen to have keys on hand, you can use a flat head screwdriver to disconnect tightly connected chords.

If you are using zip ties, make sure they are not too tight. To keep recliner cords in place during transportation, manufacturers often include zip ties, and removing them could help you reconnect them.

Third Step: Don’t forget to double-check!

Don’t forget to double-check your battery pack connection. Despite what may seem obvious, the battery pack must be connected correctly to get power. You should also make sure that the power cord is plugged into the other end of the battery pack.

You can now check the base of the power reclining unit after you have checked the back. Look for a zippered feature that makes it easy to access the power cords for the buttons in the recliner arm. The level of accessibility offered by power recliners may not be the same for all models. Make sure that the cord is properly connected if you can access it.

Usually, connection issues with your recliner come from the base. Cords should be kept tight to avoid damaging the recliner parts. It is important to check the motor’s wires for damage and broken wires since they are fragile.

Last Step: Test your recliner.

Now, you should just flip your recliner to the upright position and test your recliner if it is fixed or not. Test it by plugging it into a power source and using it normally. However, if your recliner still isn’t working, don’t worry. Let customer service know that your recliner isn’t working. Manufacturers usually cover new power recliners under their warranties. By purchasing a 5-year protection plan, you are protected against most damages or broken parts.

Should you unplug the electric recliner?

If your recliner is not in use then it is recommended to unplug it. Because it will continue to draw power units even if left on idle mode. But unplugging isn’t necessary if it is just turned off from the main power switch.

What is the difference between a power recliner and a manual recliner?

Well, it is a great question to ask. I want to answer this question shortly but precisely.

Power recliners:

A power reclining sofa or a motion recliner will likely last much longer than a manual recliner. This is due to their controlled and gentle movements, which limit wear and tear.

power recliner

A power recliner’s inbuilt motors and remote controls allow for precise movement, allowing you to find the perfect position for relaxing and manual override. Unlike manual recliners, power recliners can be manual override at the touch of a button.

Manual recliners:

Unlike motorized recliners, manual recliners have only non-motorized moving parts. Compared to power lift chairs, these recliners are usually less expensive because they do not have motorized parts. It’s also important to note that they do not use electricity. A manual recliner is lighter than one with an electric motor when in a reclined position as well.

When moving or relocating them, this can be useful. Unlike power lift chairs, manual recliners do not need power outlets to operate, so you can place them anywhere in your home. it can be used as a rocker recliner as well.

manual recliner

A power recliner and a manual recliner both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your particular situation, taste, and budget to decide which seat is best for you. But if you asked me what would I choose between these two? Then I will go with the best power recliner chair. Cause it’s cooler than a manual recliner. But don’t get the wrong idea cause the manual reclining mechanism is pretty good too.


I hope to cover any type of confusion on the topic can power recliners be operated manually? We highly recommend going through the whole article to know about this whole topic properly. For your more information many people also think if recliners can be used as an office chair or dining chair? Well no you better not use a recliner sofa as an office chair or dining chair. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned and we will be back with more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you manually push down an electrical recliner?

A powered version cannot be reclined manually. Power or batteries are required to operate the motor, which is responsible for all labor. Electric lift chairs are powered by electricity. The adjustable elements are controlled by a motor (dual or single) that reclines the chair.

Do all power recliners have to be plugged in?

As the name suggests it is an electric recliner chair. Means an electrically powered lift chair. As a result, yes, you will have to plug in your power recliner, unless you opt for a wireless lithium-ion rechargeable battery or battery pack. When fully charged, the battery pack or battery backup can provide cordless operation for about five days.

How much power does an electric recliner use?

According to reports, recliners use or have a power supply of around 14W on standby and 58W to complete a standard motion, depending on the chair and its use.

Do power recliners use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity consumed by recliners varies depending on the chair and its use, but on average, recliners consume around 14W on standby and 58W when in use. That could take a mediocre place on consuming electricity. 

Do power recliners worth it?

Using a power recliner is simple and easy. A great choice for someone who wants to come home and immediately relax, or for someone who likes to live in luxury. So of course it is worth it.

Do power recliners better than manual?

I’ve already answered it before in the above passage. A power recliner sofa and a manual recliner both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your particular situation, taste, and budget to decide which seat is best for you and your living room furniture.
But if you asked me what would I choose between these two? Then I will go with the power recliner chair. Cause it’s cooler than a manual recliner. But don’t get the wrong idea cause manual recliners are pretty good too. 

Can power recliners be fixed?

Yes, of course, power recliner chairs can be fixed. I have already written about troubleshooting above. So go through it and then call customer care for recliner repair. 

How do power recliner chairs work?

By pressing a button, you can recline a power recliner and plug it into an outlet. On the other hand Push arm recliner require you to lean forward and recline by placing your hands on the armrests to leverage your body weight.

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