What to look for in a sectional sofa? [Complete Buying Guide]




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Are you looking to purchase a sectional sofa for your living room? Sectional sofas are a great piece of furniture for larger spaces, offering plenty of seating options and comfort. When it comes to shopping for a sectional couch, there is no shortage of choices. From traditional sofas and l-shaped sectionals to chaise sectionals and sleeper sectionals, there are plenty of styles and fabric choices available.

What To Look For In A Sectional Sofa

There are also performance fabrics that can stand up to heavy traffic flow in living spaces. With the wide range of models available from stores such as West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Living Spaces, it can be tough to know where to start. To help you get started on your search, here are some tips to consider when shopping for a sectional sofa.

What is a good quality sectional sofa?

A good quality sectional sofa is one that meets certain criteria and standards. Some factors to consider when determining the quality of a sectional sofa are:

What is a good quality sectional sofa

1. Frame Construction:The frame of the sectional sofa should be sturdy and durable. It is preferable to have a hardwood frame, such as kiln-dried hardwood, as it provides strength and longevity to the sofa.
2. Upholstery Material:The upholstery material should be of high quality, durable, and easy to clean. Fabrics like leather, microfiber, or high-performance fabrics are popular choices for their durability and resistance to stains and wear.
3. Cushion Quality: The cushions should be comfortable, supportive, and able to retain their shape over time. High-density foam or down-filled cushions are common options that provide both comfort and durability.
4. Construction Techniques:Look for sectional sofas that have reinforced corners, double stitching, and high-quality craftsmanship. These details indicate that the sofa has been built with attention to detail and will hold up well over time.
5. Functionality and Design: Consider your specific needs and preferences for the sectional sofa. Look for features like a reversible chaise, adjustable headrests, or storage compartments that add convenience and versatility to the sofa.
6. Brand Reputation:Research and choose a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality furniture. Brands with positive customer reviews and a history of delivering reliable products are more likely to offer good quality sectional sofas.
7. Warranty:A good quality sectional sofa often comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects or structural issues. A solid warranty indicates that the manufacturer stands behind their product’s quality.

Overall, a good quality sectional sofa will provide comfort, durability, and longevity, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of your living space.

Factors should I consider before choosing a sectional sofa

The factors that you should consider when purchasing a sectional sofa are listed below.

Factors should I consider before choosing a sectional sofa

1. Size and Space:Consider the size of the room where the sectional sofa will be placed. Measure the available space to ensure that the sofa fits properly without overcrowding the room.
2. Configuration:Determine the desired configuration of the sectional sofa. There are various options available such as L-shaped, U-shaped, or curved. Choose one that best suits the layout and design of your room.
3. Comfort:Sit on the sectional sofa to test its comfort level. Consider factors such as seat depth, cushion firmness, and back support. Ensure that it provides a comfortable seating experience for you and your family.
4. Material and Durability: Evaluate the material of the sectional sofa. Consider factors such as fabric or leather, and choose a material that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, check the durability of the sofa to ensure it can withstand regular use.
5. Style and Design:Consider the overall style and design of the sectional sofa. It should complement the existing decor and aesthetics of your room. Choose a style that you find visually appealing and matches your personal taste.
6. Functionality and Features:Determine if you need any additional features or functionalities in your sectional sofa. For example, some sofas come with built-in storage or reclining options. Assess your needs and choose a sofa that offers the desired features.
7. Budget: Set a budget for your sectional sofa purchase. Consider the price range of different options and choose one that fits within your budget without compromising on quality and comfort.
8. Maintenance:Consider the maintenance requirements of the sectional sofa. Some materials may require regular cleaning or special care. Ensure that you are willing to invest the time and effort required to maintain the sofa in good condition.
9. Delivery and Assembly:Check the delivery options and assembly process for the sectional sofa. Ensure that it can be delivered to your location and that you are comfortable with the assembly process, whether it be self-assembly or professional assistance.
10. Reviews and Recommendations:Research and read reviews about different sectional sofas from customers and experts. Consider recommendations from friends or family who have purchased similar furniture. This can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

How to choose a sectional sofa?

Follow the below steps to choose a sectional sofa when buying.

How to choose a sectional sofa

1. Consider the size and layout of your space: Measure your room to determine how much space you have available for a sectional sofa. Consider the layout of your room and how the sectional will fit into the space. Make sure to leave enough room for other furniture and walkways.
2. Determine the desired seating capacity: Think about how many people you want the sectional sofa to accommodate. Consider the number of family members, guests, and the usual activities that will take place in the seating area.
3. Decide on the configuration: Sectional sofas come in various configurations, such as L-shaped, U-shaped, and curved. Consider which configuration will work best for your space and seating needs. Also, think about whether you want a chaise lounge or reclining seats.
4. Choose the upholstery material:Consider the material of the upholstery based on your lifestyle and preferences. Options include leather, fabric, or a combination of both. Leather is durable and easy to clean, while fabric offers more color and pattern choices.
5. Test the comfort and quality:Visit furniture stores and sit on different sectional sofas to test their comfort. Pay attention to the cushioning, support, and overall quality of construction. Look for solid frames and durable materials that will withstand regular use.
6. Consider the style and design:Choose a sectional sofa that complements your existing decor and personal style. Consider factors such as the color, pattern, and design details. Look for a style that will stand the test of time and won’t easily go out of fashion.
7. Set a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a sectional sofa. Consider the quality, durability, and features you desire when setting your budget. Remember to also account for any additional costs such as delivery or assembly.
8. Read reviews and research brands: Before making a final decision, read reviews of different sectional sofa brands and models. Research the reputation and customer satisfaction of different manufacturers to ensure you are purchasing a reliable and well-regarded product.
9. Consider additional features:Think about any additional features that you may want in your sectional sofa, such as built-in storage or a sleeper sofa function. These features can add convenience and functionality to your furniture choice.
10. Purchase from a reputable retailer: Finally, make your purchase from a reputable retailer or online store that offers good customer service, return policies, and warranties. This ensures you have support if any issues arise with your sectional sofa.

Different types of sectionals

There are many types of sectional sofas available in the market. They are listed below.

Different types of sectionals

Types Of SectionalExplanation
1. L-Shaped Sectional: This type of sectional features a design in the shape of the letter “L”. It typically consists of a sofa and a chaise lounge that can be arranged together to form the L-shape. L-shaped sectionals are great for filling corner spaces and provide ample seating and lounging area.
2. U-Shaped Sectional: As the name suggests, U-shaped sectionals are designed in the shape of the letter “U”. These sectionals usually consist of a sofa and two chaise lounges that are joined together to form the U-shape. U-shaped sectionals offer a lot of seating space and are perfect for large living rooms or entertaining areas.
3. Curved Sectional: Curved sectionals have a unique curved design that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. These sectionals come in various sizes and can be used to create a focal point in a room. Curved sectionals are ideal for creating a cozy and intimate seating area.
4. Modular Sectional: Modular sectionals consist of individual pieces that can be rearranged and customized according to personal preference and space requirements. These sectionals offer flexibility and versatility, allowing you to easily change the layout and configuration whenever needed.
5. Reclining Sectional: Reclining sectionals have built-in recliner seats that can be adjusted for added comfort and relaxation. These sectionals are perfect for those who enjoy lounging and watching TV or movies in a reclined position. Reclining sectionals are available in various styles and materials to suit different tastes and preferences.
6. Sleeper Sectional: Sleeper sectionals are designed with a hidden pull-out bed mechanism, allowing them to double as a comfortable sleeping space for guests. These sectionals are a great space-saving solution for small apartments or homes that may not have a separate guest bedroom.
7. Chaise Sectional: Chaise sectionals feature an extended chaise lounge on one end, providing a cozy spot for lounging and stretching out. These sectionals are perfect for relaxation and can be a focal point in a living room or entertainment area.
8. Pit Sectional: Pit sectionals consist of multiple pieces that can be arranged in a circular or semi-circular shape, creating a cozy and intimate seating area. These sectionals are great for conversation and are often used in home theaters or game rooms.
9. Apartment Sectional: Apartment sectionals are designed with smaller spaces in mind. They are more compact in size and often feature a reversible chaise that can be moved to either side of the sofa, providing flexibility and versatility in smaller living areas.
10. Leather Sectional: 
Leather sectionals are made using high-quality leather upholstery, which offers durability, comfort, and a luxurious look. These sectionals are easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice for families with pets or children. Leather sectionals come in various styles and colors to suit different home decor styles.

What furniture goes with a sectional?

When considering furniture that goes with a sectional, there are a few factors to keep in mind such as the style, size, and functionality. Here is a list of furniture options that complement a sectional:

What furniture goes with a sectional

Furniture OptionsExplanation
1. Coffee Table: A coffee table serves as a functional and stylish addition to a sectional. It provides a surface for placing drinks, snacks, or decorative items within easy reach.
2. End Tables: End tables placed at the ends of the sectional can add both functionality and aesthetics. They provide a surface for lamps, books, or decorative pieces.
3. Ottoman: An ottoman can be a versatile piece that complements a sectional. It can serve as a footrest, additional seating, or even as a coffee table with the use of a serving tray.
4. Accent Chairs: 
Adding accent chairs to a sectional can create a balanced and cohesive seating arrangement. Choose chairs that coordinate with the style and color scheme of the sectional.
5. Console Table: A console table placed behind the sectional can act as a decorative and functional element. It can serve as a display space for decorative items or provide storage for items like remote controls or magazines.
6. Floor Lamps: Floor lamps can provide additional lighting and enhance the overall ambiance of the sectional area. Choose lamps that complement the style and height of the sectional.
7. Throw Pillows and Blankets: Adding throw pillows and blankets can not only add comfort but also enhance the visual appeal of the sectional. Choose pillows and blankets that complement the color and pattern of the sectional.
8. Shelving Units or Bookcases: If space allows, incorporating shelving units or bookcases near the sectional can provide storage and display options for books, decorative items, or media equipment.
9. Entertainment Center: If the sectional area serves as a primary entertainment space, consider adding an entertainment center or media console to house the TV and media equipment.
10. Area Rug: Placing an area rug under the sectional can help define the seating area and add warmth and texture to the space. Choose a rug that complements the color and style of the sectional.

Price chart for different types of sectionals

There are many types of sectional sofa available in the market. The prizes depends on the brand and quality of the sofa. The prizes listed here are approximated. Below first list shows the price of sectional sofa prices.

Sectional Sofa PiecesSectional Sofa Prices
• Small Sectional Sofas (2-seater): Starting at $500
• Medium Sectional Sofas (3-seater):Starting at $700
• Large Sectional Sofas (4-seater):Starting at $1000
• Extra-Large Sectional Sofas (5+ seater):Starting at $1200

The second list is about corner sectional price list.

Corner Sectional PiecesCorner Sectional Prices
• Small Corner Sectionals (3-seater):Starting at $800
• Medium Corner Sectionals (4-seater): Starting at $1000
• Large Corner Sectionals(5+ seater):Starting at $1500

Third one is about reclining sectional prices.

Reclining Sectionals PiecesReclining Sectionals Prices
• Small Reclining Sectionals (2-seater and 1 recliner seat):Starting at $650
• Medium Reclining Sectionals (3-seater and 1 recliner seat): Starting at $850
• Large Reclining Sectionals(4-seater and 2 recliner seats):Starting at $1100

What is a good price for a sectional sofa?

The price of a sectional sofa can vary depending on several factors, such as the brand, size, materials used, and additional features. Generally, a good price for a sectional sofa can range from $500 to $2,500 or more.

It is important to consider your budget, desired quality, and specific needs when determining what is a good price for a sectional sofa. Comparing prices from different retailers and considering any discounts or promotions can help you find the best deal.

What is a good price for a used sectional sofa?

The price of a used sectional sofa can vary depending on several factors, including the age, condition, brand, and quality of the sofa. On average, a used sectional sofa can range anywhere from $300 to $1500, depending on these factors.

What is a good price for a sectional sofa

Recommendation: It is recommended to compare prices from different sellers and consider the market value of similar sofas to ensure you are getting a fair price.


When looking for a sectional sofa, there are several factors to consider in order to make a wise purchasing decision. Firstly, the size and layout of the room should be taken into account to ensure that the sectional sofa fits well and complements the overall aesthetic.

Secondly, the material and durability of the sofa should be considered, as it should be able to withstand regular use and potential spills or stains.

Thirdly, comfort is crucial, so it is essential to test the sofa’s cushions, upholstery, and support to ensure it provides a cozy and inviting seating experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to decide sectional or sofa?

When deciding between a sectional or a sofa, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, think about the size and layout of your space. If you have a large living room or an open floor plan, a sectional may be a better choice as it can provide more seating and create a cozy and comfortable seating arrangement. On the other hand, if you have a smaller space or a more traditional layout, a sofa may be a more practical option. 

Is sectional better than sofa?

Whether a sectional is better than a sofa depends on individual preferences and needs. Sectionals offer versatility, allowing for multiple configurations to fit different living spaces. They are great for entertaining and provide ample seating. However, sofas are more compact and versatile in smaller rooms. They also tend to have a wider range of styles and designs available. 

Are sectional sofas in style?

Yes, sectional sofas are still in style. They have become a popular choice for many households due to their versatility, comfort, and ability to maximize seating space. Sectionals come in various designs, colors, and materials, allowing homeowners to find one that fits their style and complements their living space. 

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