How can I make my sofa better for my back? – Back pain relief for couch users

Many people spend time on the internet shopping for a new sofa. Why? Because their current sofa causes their back pain. So the first thing that comes to their mind is How can I make my sofa better for my back? There is good news for those who are considering whether their sofa can be made more back-friendly.

You can make your sofa more comfortable for your back without having to buy another one. It’s easy to make your sofa more comfortable. Simply read this article and you’ll learn how. Let us assist you.

Note: A sofa can be seated in many different ways. How you sit on the sofa depends mainly on your personal preferences. Ideally, you should sit on a sofa with your feet flat on the floor, back fully supported by the sofa/cushion.

How do I stop my couch from hurting my back?

How comfortable are you sitting?  You might be thinking, “How can I make my sofa more comfortable for my back?” According to a survey, you might be ruining your back.

Soft sofas are blamed for an increase in back issues. Five percent of people have experienced symptoms like lower back pain and shoulder strain after purchasing a high-end sofa and then reclining frequently. Although wooden chairs and upright furniture were popular in the past more and more people are choosing to opt for soft sofas with large cushions to relax into.

How do I stop my couch from hurting my back

However, furniture that is soft may be more comfortable, it can cause discomfort over time. Sofas that are comfortable encourage users to slump instead of sit in a more comfortable posture to improve their posture. Sitting comfortably might seem like an unimportant human act however sitting correctly with vertebrae and muscles well supported is a must. good posture and back support.

Modern sofas and cushions can cause poor posture since the cushions may not provide the spine or neck the support needed. If you sit in a prolonged position, and especially in a poor posture or slouched posture, you could create a significant amount of stress to your back, stretch the ligaments of your spine and increase stress on the intervertebral discs. This can result in chronic pains and aches.

Adults living in Western countries sit between 55 to 70 percent of the time sitting. To prevent back pain it is advised to sit at a knee at a level with your hips and your lower back supported and both feet flat on the ground. Crossing your legs or placing them on the couch in front of you can cause back pain due to poor posture.

Reading recommendation

Back pain is probably a big issue for you if you’ve come to this post. The sofa you choose should be supportive for your back if you want to get rid of it. That is why we have listed some best quality sofas that support your back. We strongly recommend you to read the post.

Is there a way to make my sofa more supportive?

It’s hard to define the level of discontent you feel when you place an order for an item of furniture only to have it arrive on your doorstep and fall short of your expectations. However, as the epidemic persists, online shopping could seem like the only secure alternative for purchasing furniture.

Although it’s certainly easy to choose an entire living-space set from your laptop (and the current set for your living room) there is definitely a danger when you don’t go through the storeroom before you buy it. In particular, you may be left with a room of furniture that’s not as comfortable as you’d hoped regardless of the reviews you’ve read at first. So, How can I make my sofa better for my back?

It’s worth noting that of course, you’re able to return items you don’t like when they’re not meeting your expectations. However, if you’re intending to make the best of what you’ve got here are a few suggestions to help you get started. If all other options fail, you can always use the floor.

1. Put Something On

A brand-new sofa however uncomfortable will always benefit from some throw pillows. And when they make relaxing more inviting while also creating fantastic things up, even better. Place them against the backs of your furniture, or make use of them to cushion the rigidly angled armrests.

Also, while you’re there throwing a blanket on the floor, it can be a great addition to warmth and comfort, regardless of whether you place it on the seat or back of your sofa. A blanket that is on the thicker side can make a greater impact than something that is lightweight particularly if you fold it to make a cushion or “throne.”

Back Pain Relief For Couch Users

2. Pad Up

If your standard throw pillow isn’t delivering the results you want You may need to upgrade and go with something that is more well-designed and comfortable. Specially designed pillows that provide cushioning to different areas of your back may make a sloppy couch more comfortable and help improve your posture. You might want to consider a narrow, but long back pillow for lower back pain.

Or consider a bigger cushion that is denser if simply want to have greater back support in general. The cushions in your seat are also the perfect option for your home-based work setup (especially when the setup is tough chairs for the kitchen).

The orthopedic option can increase the comfort of your chair and prevent your body from developing painful pressure points as your day gets longer. If you’re concerned about putting pillows that aren’t very decorative, put them into the bottom of an old blanket or in an empty closet by the time you’re done with the day.

3. Stretch Out

When you buy furniture on the internet, it’s easy to forget the finer things that you’d notice only when shopping in the store. Seat depth in particular is one of the things that comes to the forefront. If your new sofa arrives and you discover that you need to sit instead of sitting upon it may be able to find comfort by adding an ottoman to the set-up.

You’ll not only have more space for recline as well, but you’ll create an inviting sectional feel in your living space as well. If you’re dealing with a small space, a folding stool or an ottoman that doubles as a storage container are the most efficient option.

How do you put back support on a couch

4. Slip-On A Cover

Similar to the seat’s depth, it is impossible to be sure of how the upholstery will feel when you look at your computer’s display. The good news is that a slipcover can make up for chairs that feel too sticky, numb, or just plain rough. Choose a cover that is simple to clean and is made to match the dimensions of your furniture. There are companies that specialize in custom covers for a wide variety of IKEA’s best-loved sofas, which can result in the overall feeling of cleanliness.

In addition to the ease and ease it provides the user, slipcovers can protect an item that appeared nice online but doesn’t compare to what you see in the real world. It’s a twofer for the furniture’s practicality and style.

Is there a way to make my sofa more supportive

5. Call For Reinforcements

It’s one thing if the new couch has poor cushioning or upholstery that isn’t as cloud-like however it’s a completely other matter if the couch isn’t stable as you sit down on it. Be sure that your legs are level and, if they aren’t you can balance them by using pads or shims under legs that aren’t long enough. You could even replace them with a new pair of legs (there are some adorable alternatives available).

It’s even better if you have to tighten the rungs on your existing set or consider adding right-angle braces to strengthen the point where the legs join the seat. As per Popular Mechanics, you can solve these problems yourself using the use of a few items you can find at Hardware stores. Yes, you!

Best 3 Sofa For good back support

If you’re looking for a sofa that will relieve back pain and support your back. Then you need to check out these high rated sofas!

Why does my sofa hurt my back?

Most likely, you’ve had back pain at some time during your time. From sitting at desks all day to putting on painful shoes plenty of daily activities could make your back feel stiff and painful. But, did you realize that the sofa you sit on could be causing back pain?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing comfortable, luxurious furniture that gives a high quality of comfort. But, new studies suggest that these comfy sofas could be responsible for a variety of postural issues.

There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking on a comfy couch at the end of your day, isn’t it? But have you taken the time to consider what could be impacting your health? If you’re experiencing back pain when you sit on your sofa, it’s because the cushioned upholstery invites you to lie down with your spine in a “C”-shape. This could put an excessive amount of pressure on your vertebrae and strain the discs, ligaments, and muscles supporting them. This could eventually cause chronic back pain.

Why does my sofa hurt my back

If you consider the amount of time that most of us are seated it is negative health consequences for us. As per the NHS on average, people in the UK are spending more than seven hours per day engaged in things that are sedentary. As we age the amount of time spent sitting can be up to 10 hours daily. It is also believed that eight-in-ten British people are afflicted with episodes of back pain at some point during their lifetime.

How do you put back support on a couch?

Place a pillow under the armrest to provide your back support, then stretch your legs to the side of the couch. It is important to ensure that your spine doesn’t curve and that you’re sitting up straight. Also, it’s a great idea to avoid sitting for too long.

Final thought

If you are having back pain and thinking How can I make my sofa better for my back? The first thing you need to focus on is your sitting position on a sofa. Back pain is typically caused by incorrect sitting posture. If it is not that your sitting posture is incorrect and you are sitting on your sofa correctly, but still you’re suffering from back pain. Then yes, your sofa may not be comfortable, but there are ways to improve it.

If you scroll above, you can read everything I have to say about making your sofa more comfortable. And also you can check out this amazing article, Top 12 best sofas for people with back pain.

Stay healthy and thanks for reading.

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