Do you have to empty dresser drawers when moving? – Here’s What You Need to Know

It is a common question to ask, “ Do you have to empty dressers when moving? The answer to this question is often no. Dresser drawers are a piece of furniture mainly to keep your clothes. It is often seen in a bedroom. Common people fill their dresser with clothes and it can also be filled with some small important paper works of stuff. But the main purpose of a dresser drawer is to store clothing. 

The Dresser drawer can be big or small. It depends on the buyer. And a dresser can also be made of wood or other materials. So the main question is if you move your dresser without emptying it then will it be damaged or not. People ask this question because they have thought

That it might get damaged if the drawer isn’t empty. It is the reason why we have compiled the whole article about this topic and we will cover the whole concept of moving a dresser drawer.

Is it necessary to empty dresser drawers when moving?

When it comes to changing your house or shifting your furniture to the other room. You must consider the size and durability of your furniture. It goes the same for a dresser drawer. A dresser drawer has a measure between 79 to 178 centimeters. A double dresser drawer, on the other hand, comes with a measure of 152 centimeters, while a small dresser measures 79 to 102 centimeters.

After considering the size of the dresser you should consider What material it is made from. It is very important because it matters when you move your dresser with a mover or yourself it might get damaged if it is too heavy because of the filling. Dresser drawers are commonly made with wood and steel. If it is made of wood then we don’t recommend you to move the dresser full filled.

The last thing that you should consider is the weight of the dresser. Remember too much weight can damage your furniture when moving. Movers or moving services should be more careful because they don’t seem to care how much the furniture’s weight is. They just move the furniture as it is. So always consult your mover to be more careful and not to damage your furniture.

So, if the dresser is not too heavy bearing clothes or your items then you shouldn’t worry about emptying it. But we recommend always emptying the dressers when moving it to the other place. Emptying it makes the risk lesser of damaging your dresser drawer.

Is it necessary to empty dresser drawers when moving

What to do while movers are moving?

When you are shifting your house you need to move your furniture as well. So you call movers or moving service at your home. And it is a common thought that comes to mind, “ What to do while movers are moving?” well to answer this question first you have to move sure to pack and wrap your staff properly. Pack all your stuff and furniture and wrap them properly.

Make sure nothing is left to pack or wrap. For a dresser drawer Empty your clothes and pack them in a cardboard box. Check if there are any hanging clothes left. Hanging clothes can be anywhere in your house so check them properly. Then use tape to wrap the cardboard box up and also use tape to wrap other furniture too. It is always best to empty your dresser drawer before moving it.

Now, when you finally made your dresser drawer empty. Use plastic wraps to stretch wrap the dresser drawer. Plastic wraps world as a good wrap to keep the furniture dry and dust free. When you have done all the stretch wrapping done with plastic covering double-check the tight corners for small things. All checked now call the movers or moving service to come to your house.

When the movers arrive at your house be with them all the time. Tell them to be more careful and guide them where you will put your stuff and now. Be cautious about any type of damage to your furniture.

What to do while movers are moving

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Does everything need to be in boxes for movers?

Well, it is best and it should be done. Packing your stuff is the first thing that you should do before calling in a moving service. Pack your stuff in boxes empty your dresser drawer and wrap the study with plastic draping and tape it. If you want your stuff to be well organized and want your furniture to be as clean as possible then you should empty your all items into different boxes. So, if someone asks you,” Does everything need to be in boxes for movers?” The answer is simply yes.

Do movers load boxes or furniture first?

Professional moving companies have some moving etiquettes when moving. First of all, they have a moving crew, a moving truck, and moving resources to start their moving process. First of they move their moving crew into the house and get their moving resources and packing supplies in. Then they start to see the house and calculate the heavy items and fragile items.

In the moving truck professional movers always place the heavy items first in the back of the truck. Then the fragile items or boxes are placed. So the movers place the heavy lifting furniture pieces first then start loading boxes and fragile items in. Packing supplies and packing materials often come with the movers.

Moving Etiquette

Professional moving companies must follow some etiquettes before moving the furniture in a home. They must have a professional moving crew who do the heavy lifting and also are careful with their hands. In the moving process, movers should have moving supplies with them to make their work easy. They should always load heavy items like furniture or other stuff first then load boxes or fragile items to avoid damage to the items.

When unloading the items movers should be more careful and unload the boxes and fragile items first then go for the heavy furniture in the house. But after placing the furniture in they should place the boxes and other items in the house.

how to move a dresser by yourself

how to move a dresser by yourself?

Moving a dresser drawer isn’t a big deal. Dressers are commonly used to store clothes. There are different size dressers available in the market. Dressers have the advantage that they can detach the drawers and make them lighter. If you are just moving your dresser to another room in your house then you don’t have to make it empty to move the dresser. You just can detach the drawers with clothes in them and move them somewhere else. You can save much time with this process. 

How to pack for movers?

The first thing you should remember is you must always make small segments of your stuff by dividing them to make it easy to carry and make it well organized. Movers’ work is just to carry your items to another place, So, wrap your stuff, use cardboard boxes and wrap it with plastic wrap and use tape. You should plastic wrap on your furniture and specially wrap your dresser drawer with plastic wrapping. Check the tight corners for any kind of small items or clothes when all things are packed properly. Now it’s time for you to call the moving service. 


People often askes,” Do you have to empty dresser drawers when moving?” well the answer to this question is pretty simple. Even though you don’t have to empty dresser drawers when moving, it is recommended that you should empty your dresser drawer before moving to avoid any kind of damage to your dresser.


Frequently Ask Questions

Do movers require dresser drawers to be empty?

Movers don’t require dresser drawers to be empty. Movers’ main job is to move, so they don’t require dresser drawers to be empty. But we recommend you empty your dresser drawer before moving it.

Will movers move a full dresser?

Normally yes. Movers move a full dresser as it is. But if you detach the drawers then they will move the parts individually.

How do you pack dresser drawers for moving?

Empty the dresser drawer. Pack the clothes and stuff in a cardboard box. Then wrap the whole dresser drawer using a plastic wrapper and tape it. Make sure it is well wrapped and good to go.

How do you move a dresser without removing drawers?

You can move a drawer dresser itself. Removing drawers is not necessary. Wrap the drawer dresser using a plastic wrapper and move it as it is.

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