8 Advanced tips, How to prevent glass table from scratching

We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying a glass of wine with friends and the next thing you know your hand is resting on the table. You have no idea where your glass went and, as it turns out, neither does anyone else. Chances are that most people have had this experience in one form or another at some point in their lives but to avoid having this happen again, we can help you.

If you own a glass table, then you know how easily it can be scratched. And you have been asking yourself how to prevent glass table from scratching? It’s not just the kids that are at fault either; you may have been careless with your keys or silverware while eating breakfast in bed and now there is an unsightly scratch on the surface of your table. And the thing is we place most of our glass tables in the living room area. Guests, friends, family, pets and children are mostly having a good time in the living room area. So it really looks bad and you’re just feeling unsatisfied and the room is not brightened with joy the way it should be. No one wants to see their beautiful furniture get ruined from day-to-day living so we’ve put together 8 advanced tips for preventing scratches on your glass tables.

Scratched glass table tops are unsightly and can ruin the beauty of your room. Luckily, it’s easy to prevent them. Prevent scratches by using coasters or placemats on top of tables that don’t have a protective surface underneath them. It’s also a good idea to use wooden coasters instead of stone ones, as they will not scratch the table as easily. But before we move on to the 8 superb tips we need to know some information about glasses and scratches so let’s move on to those first.

Know The Types Of Glass Scratches Before You Take A Step

The glass table is a fragile and beautiful piece of furniture that many consumers are drawn to for its sleek design. Unfortunately, the glass table can be susceptible to scratches which can lead to a lot of frustration when trying to find ways in order to fix them. In this blog post, you will learn about four different types of glass table scratches so that you are able to avoid these problems altogether.

What can cause scratches on glass

Understanding how glass is scratched is important before taking the necessary measures to prevent scratching. Since we have worked with glass for many years, we have learned that no two scratches are alike. In our efforts to educate our customers about scratched glass, we simplify the types of scratches into four major categories:

1. Minor Scratches: A couple of faint scratches that are hard to see unless you examine the glass from a certain angle. Despite their shallowness, these scratches can’t be felt.

2. Moderate Scratches: A moderate scratch would be one that is not as deep, but substantial enough to catch your fingernail.

3. Heavy Scratches: Scratches that are heavy and deep. Touching these scratches will give you an impression of the indentation they make. When you examine scratched objects close up, you can see their severity more clearly.

4. Extreme Scratches: A scratch so severe that you can see it from a distance.

When Should I Call A Professional?

Most minor scratches can be repaired without professional assistance. If minor scratches are not repaired quickly, they can become more serious. If you attempt to fix heavy, extremely heavy, or very severe scratches yourself, you have a higher risk of causing out-of-control damage to the glass. For a simple cleaning job without any extra damage, it’s best to call a professional.

What glass scratches easily

8 Superb Tips To Prevent Your Glass Table From Scratching

Most of us live in a world where we have to work hard for what we want. We spend our days at the office and when we get home, it’s time to cook dinner, clean up, and maybe some family time before bed. The last thing anyone wants is more stress on top of their already hectic day-to-day life. One way that you can avoid this unnecessary strain is by taking care of your glass table so that it does not scratch with use over time. And let’s answer the simple question, how to prevent glass table from scratching? 😉

1. Get Glass Tables Cleaned Effectively And Safely

Even though it may sound crazy, frequent cleaning is crucial when it comes to maintaining scratch-free glass. When cleaning your glass, be sure that the cleaner and cloth you’re using aren’t directly causing scratches. In particular, using napkins or paper towels to clean glass may scratch the surface. Mirrors, tables, and other glass surfaces, as much as possible, should be cleaned and dried with lint-free microfiber cloths.

2. Making Your Own Glass Cleaner At Home

Make sure the glass cleaner contains “glass-safe” or “made for glass” labeling to ensure that they won’t damage your glass. These ingredients are needed if you want to make your own glass cleaner at home. Take a bowl and start making it right away.

  1. Half a cup of white vinegar
  2. Half a cup of rubbing alcohol
  3. 2 tablespoons corn starch
  4. Four cups of warm water

Mix these ingredients together and then apply it gently over the glass to clean it. With carefully selected, non-abrasive cleaning agents like vinegar and alcohol, a microfiber cloth and a microfiber cloth ensure that your glass won’t be scratched as you clean it.

3. Protect tabletops from kitchen utensils

Surfaces such as glass tabletops are great design elements. The chances of scratches are increased if they are placed in a high-traffic area of the house, such as a kitchen or dining room. Avoid placing hot items directly on your table, such as plates, bowls, or other cooking utensils, to prevent your tabletop from scratching. Whenever family members are putting something on the table, insist that they always use placemats and coasters. Thus, you can still finish your meal at the table without scratching it.

4. Cover the table or use a runner

Even if you don’t like to cover your glass tabletop with a tablecloth, it prevents scratches. There is no need to go with the full tablecloth when you can use table runners, which come in a variety of colors and complement any dining room style without compromising the look of your table.

5. Watch over your children and pets

The toys of children can scratch glass, and the claws of pets can scratch the glass as well. Children and pets should always be watched around glass surfaces, including mirrors, tabletops, and windows, and should be restricted from having access to the glass if possible. Baby gates for example can prevent small children from getting too close to mirrors that reach floor level. Moving your furniture away from the wall will also prevent pets from getting near the window. When your pet scratches at your glass door to be let out, think about installing a pet door.

What To Do When You Get Minor Scratches On Glass?

Although you may protect your glass diligently, scratches will still happen no matter what you do. However, you aren’t helpless. Minor scratches can be prevented from getting worse and from forming new ones on your equipment by removing them as soon as possible. There are a number of products you can use as quick temporary fixes for minor scratches. If you want your scratches to be fixed forever, it’s imperative to consult a professional.

How do you maintain a glass top dining table

6. You Can Use Clear Nail Polish.

The clear nail polish can hide and cover scratches by filling in the areas which are scratched. The scratch should be cleaned with glass cleaner, and then applied with a thin layer of polish using a nail polish applicator. You can reuse the cloth to remove any excess polish after the polish has dried.

7. Use Baking Soda

By mixing baking soda and water, it will be easy to remove scratches from the glass. A few tablespoons of water and half a cup of baking soda should all be mixed together. Rub a cloth over the scratched area once the paste has been created. Afterward, you should clean the glass and evaluate whether the scratch remains. Repeat this process many times before the scratch is completely removed or becomes less prominent.

8. Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is useful not just for polishing teeth but can also be used to polish glass. Over glasses, however, use white toothpaste. If scratches exist, a little toothpaste can be used to treat them. To remove them, use a damp cloth. It is important to rub the toothpaste softly to avoid causing further scratches. Finish up by washing away the remaining toothpaste and cleaning the glass.


So how to prevent glass table from scratching? It’s not a simple job to do but we have made some advanced points to actually help you to prevent minor scratches. But as we told you there are 3 types other than the minor scratch, they cannot be prevented as easily as the minor scratch itself. You will need to call a professional to actually prevent those scratches without damaging your glass more.

How do you get scratches out of a glass table top

And the points that we made are professionally tested between some intelligent individuals and we had positive results. Remember if you have a glass table then it’s tough to prevent it from scratching. If it is a minor scratch then it will work easily but if it is crossed at least a moderate level of scratching then it’s wise to call a professional and get it fixed. Remember to be gentle with your glass table and make sure you follow the above points to make it less scratch-proof.


If you have a glass table, it’s not always easy to prevent scratches from happening. The only way to really make sure your table stays scratch-free is by keeping it out of reach and never allowing anyone near it with any metal objects. However, that can be pretty difficult in most households so we wanted to give you some tips on how to stop minor scuffs from turning into major scars over time. There are three types of damage besides the minor marks – they cannot be prevented as easily as the minor scratch itself. You will need to call a professional if these happen for them to fix without damaging your glass more than what has already been done. And the points that we made are professionally tested between intelligent individuals. Thank You For Staying With Us And Thank You For Your Support. 🙂

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