9 Excellent ways, how to lighten up a room with dark brown furniture in 2022

Have you been asking yourself the question “how to lighten up a room with dark brown furniture?”  Do you feel as though there is no way to achieve a bright space when you’re redecorating around brown furniture? Have you considered buying new furniture or visiting an upholsterer? Maybe you have already got some dark brown furniture in your room and you need it to look brighten or the word lighten-up. The process of upholstering and refinishing furniture can be expensive, but this is not a necessity. We all want our homes to be decorated with beautiful elegant furniture. Living there gives us a sense of inner satisfaction. And it’s really important to be satisfied with your room. Consider how you can turn your dark staple pieces into the perfect complements to a bright and lively space by taking advantage of a few design tricks and accessories. Let’s find out how?

First of all, we have to decide what we need in our room. We won’t use any unnecessary furniture in our room. Unnecessary use of furniture can often cause us to look inferior. For example, usually, we use various kinds of sofas in the living room. If we use a brown sofa in front of the white wall, it will look vibrant. 

Now let us get to the main point. How can I lighten up my room with dark brown furniture? It’s easy if you follow my simple steps you can lighten up your darkroom any time anywhere in the house. Here are 9 effective ways according to our research to make your room brightened.

9 Creative Ways to Create A Light Space Around Dark Pieces

1. Adjust lighting

Precisely, when using brown furniture, the room looks a little bit dark, dull, and damp.in addition, without proper lighting, it looks like a prison. So, to lighten up a room using brown furniture, you need to adjust the lighting. you need to ensure that enough light and air is coming from the window.

adjust lighting dark brown furniture

2. Use LED lights

LED lights have become really popular for interior decorations. If lights coming from the window don’t suffice enough, you can use multi-functional LED lights. Besides being cheap, it comes with different functions and colors.

use led light with dark brown furniture

3. Usage of mirrors and glasses

Reflection- wooden and glass doors-giving a classical vibe and softens up the room. It’s a good combination of form and function to have a mirror. The effect is visually pleasing, but it also enlarges small spaces and brightens dark rooms.

mirrors and glass with dark brown furniture

4. Focus On The Color Of Walls

This seems counterintuitive, but white walls will not look as good as they can if you don’t have a great deal of light.  In a dark room, white turns dingy grey around the corners and becomes shaded. Bright white colors are like a mirror.  In your backyard, they can reflect the grass or red siding on your neighbor’s house. An adjacent blue-white or clean white can appear fluorescent if you have earthy finishes like granite countertops.  Decorate a room with earthy finishes by using warm whites.

focus on the color of walls for dark furniture

Also, Colorful wall paintings can subside the darkness. Though it is a bit time-consuming, it’s worth it.it is one of the tricks that can instantly light up the room. Additionally, it adds to its aesthetic appeal. For example-if you use brown leather furniture, a white wall goes well with it. You can also use some shades to make it aesthetic.

5. Natural elements

Imagine living in a greenhouse, how cool! It almost became a trend to combine greeneries with brown, wood furniture. Apart from softening dark furniture, it ventilates the air which is both hygienic and eco-friendly. Also, these types of natural elements create visual interest, converting the eyes from dark furniture and makes your room artistic.

natural elements in interior design

6. Accent-colored furniture

When buying furniture, you need to pay attention to the color and its contrast according to your room’s atmosphere. Either way, you can choose only one color or another. For example- if you buy a coffee-colored sofa, then you’ll need a tea table with the same color or the same colored tablecloth along with a white-creamy wall. Another example is that, if you want to use light brown colored furniture(e.g.cherry wood), all the other materials for surrounding decorations need to be the same color along with pale flooring and light-colored walls.

colored accent furniture

7. Floor design and rug

Floor design and patterns of rug greatly affect the brightness of a room. If you want to use brown furniture and a brown woody floor, then you should use furniture which is lighter than your floor. For example, Santos mahogany flooring goes well with red oak or acacia wood furniture.  In cases of rugs, you can choose colorful ones that blend well with brown. For example, if you choose brown leather or a light wood type room, a soft, beige rug is welcomed.

Floor design and rug

8. Leaving some space

Too much brown furniture and accessories make the room stuffy, uncomfortable, and unorganized. It also makes the room dull and gloomy. So, to lighten up the room, reduce some stuff and leave some free space. It’ll lift up the heavy air, make the room spacious, and will look brighter.

leaving some space with furniture

9. Accessories

Under the conversational area, place a decorative area rug of the same size to add warmth to the living room. Add subtle patterns to the room’s design by choosing a rug with a tone-on-tone design, such as brown stripes or scrolls. Put a few brown accent pillows on the couch. You can add a punch of color with orange accent pillows to create visual interest. Make the room feel and look fresh by installing up lights behind potted houseplants. The living room can be complemented with a brass or bronze mirror to reflect natural light and add an elegant finishing touch.

accessories for dark brown furniture


The majority of these examples make use of more than one trick to brighten/lighten/lift a space in some way. Dramatic scenes that don’t feel dated or weighty, but are visually arresting and compelling, are the result. The following suggestions should be very helpful about “how to lighten up a room with dark brown furniture?”

We hope that, whether you use just one idea or a combination of them, you’ll be able to get the look you’re trying to achieve to be totally happy with your space. You are welcome to use these ideas to your liking. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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