Actual Guideline, How To Accessorize End Tables?

How to accessorize end tables? Are you looking for new ways to decorate your home? End tables are a great place to start! They’re small and often overlooked, but with a few pieces of decorative flair, they can make all the difference in how your space feels. The main idea here is that end tables are small and often forgotten about when it comes time to find decorating items. By adding just a few things like vases or pictures frames, end tables can really change up the feel of any room in your house.
So, how to accessorize end tables? Style doesn’t always come naturally to homeowners. Even people who have a natural ability to style and decorate can have trouble.

Taking the mystery and frustration out of decorating and sharing some decor tips you can put into a home you love will lead to a home you find pleasant to live in! Your house should be both beautiful and functional and comfortable at the same time. That’s the goal!

It is often the finishing touch that completes a room that an end table provides. Check out these shopping tips to make sure you get the most out of your purchases.😉

End Tables: Are They Out Of Style?

No way! What could possibly make them out of style? You’ll always need a place to put your lamp or put your coffee cup down (at one point, I tried going without end tables – I felt weird).

are end tables out of style

Rather than accent tables themselves going out of style, the real problem is that they aren’t styled properly.

You should include your end table in your decor. Ideally, your home should be a part of who you are. You should also use interesting personal touches to demonstrate who you are.


It’s no secret that styling end tables can be an art. Several ways can be taken to answer this question. On an end table, what do you put? This post explores the different types of items that you might like to consider for your end tables. From books and magazines to lamps and vases; there are so many options for what you might like to place on these small but important pieces of furniture. These tips will help you turn your boring end tables into stylish pieces easily!

I would suggest sticking with a variation of these 6 things…

1. Lamp

Each end table on either side of my sofa has an identical lamp. Although my end tables are different in shape, they are similar in size. My favorite part is that they are not entirely matched, but the color and height are the same.

A nice-sized end table with two shelves is what I’m sharing with you today. Adding shelves to end tables makes a huge impact on decor! As you can see, occasionally they are just decorated. Other times, they aren’t as styled as much as they fill and are used!

how to decorate end tables with lamps and books

Come on, let’s not be matched, the same lamps flanking a sofa do look good. This adds a little bit of symmetry that I love! With the weight of my big urn-shaped lamp on both end tables, they are large enough to hold them.  Just about passable is all I can say about the lampshade. While the lamp’s throat can be seen, the socket cannot be seen. The small chains that hang on/off are my favorite part and I wanted to show them off. 

Having high ceilings, I generally prefer tall lamps, but smaller ones would also work! If you plan to place your lamp on a table, it’s important to consider how much space it will need. 

You should always maintain a balance between the size of your lamp and the size of your table! If you’re styling an end table, a lamp should be your foremost consideration.

2. Books

My end tables look good with books not only because they add color and a personal touch, but also because they work as risers! Stacks of books are my favorite! Adding two or three books to your end table can make it look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The fact that they’re used as perches for other items doesn’t mean they have to take up much space.

My choice of books pertains to decorating books with shades of blue to go with the coasters on the table.

3. Art Or Picture

An excellent place to display art or photographs is on an end table! You can easily add warmth and charm to an end table by adding just a few small photos or pieces of art. It will be interesting to see if Beau’s likeness will be displayed next to the flowers on the books if the vase is not so bulky.

A lot of my home is not decorated with family pictures, and I receive many people ask me why. I have a quite simple answer. The photographs I post on my blog should not include them. 

In some cases, if your end table faces a wall, you can prop up a small mirror behind other table objects. A mirror or larger piece of art can be placed in front of an empty frame to create a layered look.

4. Organics

decorate end table with photos

There are some tables in a room that don’t need to have organic elements on them, like flowers. However, It would be great if there were one or two! 

In a tiny bottle with a couple little tiny blooms for a side table, life and beauty are added immediately. As an alternative, sticks and twigs, or a very convincing faux plant, would also work well in softening up the tablescape!

A bowl decorated with willow or moss balls would be equally effective. You can work with the things you have if you are creative.

5. Coasters / Bowl

The pairing of bowls and coasters seems odd, and it is! One great place for them to live is on end tables! A set of attractive coasters can be found in my living room and family room.

A decorative bowl or even a stack of bowls is lovely on a table, but I probably wouldn’t display coasters and bowls at the same time. It’s either one or the other.

When displaying coasters, you should have a few nice coordinating ones to choose from. Don’t worry if you have a mishmash of coasters; store them in a drawer until you need them!

decorate end table with shelves

6. Something Personal

Having something special on the table makes it feel so much more personalized and inviting! When you have something personal on the end table, it can add a touch of luxury to your home. Some pieces, however, will not suit every room.

You can get amazing results even with something that is out of place, even something with a bit of whimsy! Here’s your chance to express your unique personality!

5 Simple Tips, How To Accessorize End Tables?

end table decor images

TIP #1: Just Use Less

End tables aren’t large furniture items. Maintaining a clean aesthetic requires following the “less is more” rule.

Your end tables should contain three to five items. It works every time to use the “group of 3” rule!However, no matter how well you style your tables, if you put more than five things on your end tables your tables will look cluttered and full.

TIP #2: Use greenery or flowers

Adding a floral or greenery to an end table is the perfect way to add some life and color to your space. There are so many beautiful options out there that will fit any size budget, from succulents and cacti in small pots on top of an end table, to larger plants like ivy vines or ferns cascading down the side. The possibilities are endless!

TIP #3: Personal Touches Matters For Decoration

End tables are all about the personal touches. It is a little spot in your home to add some unique decoration or memories that make it yours. Whether you put books, vases of flowers, or lamps on top there is something for everyone!

It would be great if you could display an original photograph or piece of art, a meaningful book, something you made yourself (like hand-made ceramics), or something you picked up on a trip. You might want to let your home tell a story with a little whimsical flair.

When it has things that are meaningful to you on it, the tables look more persona and inviting. Visiting that piece will probably spark conversation about it!

TIP #4: Add Varied Height To Decoration

Not only does a table lamp add a little height to your table, but it also provides a good source of reading light. I am hoping to bring a little larger lamp into my space since I think my current lamp is too small! 😉

If you have a pair of items that are about the same height, you can stack books to provide it more height for the item. With this staggering style, you will get a complete look while creating visual interest.

Tip #5: Symmetry Is Essential

My eye is naturally drawn to symmetry and I love to decorate with it. Symmetry is a good idea no matter what you do. You can use symmetry in a variety of ways, such as

  • It is nice to have an end table that matches (or is similar) on both ends of the couch
  • There’s no reason to display the identical items on each table (they can be similar, but not identical)
end table decorating tips


There you go! How to decorate your end table in a simple, yet effective way. There is nothing complicated about styling end tables. In fact, it is easier than most people believe, as it only takes a little thought and time on the part of the user. To accessorize your end tables, you can add anything from a vase of flowers to a bowl of fruit. If you want to make the table look more cohesive, consider placing similar items next to each other on the surface. This will help tie together your home’s design and style!

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