11 Best small recliners with good back support 2023 (Effective for Back Pain)

This article will guide you through the best small recliners with good back support of this year. After a long day at work, settling into the comfort of a huge and comfortable chair is a dream for us. When I say ultra-comfortable chairs, I’m talking about the best recliners for lower back support. Recliners have gained a significant number of people adore them over the years due to their ease of sitting on them and helping prevent the back from suffering.

Small recliner with good back support offer the needed support for the body and reduce tension and strain on muscles. Certain recliners offer so much comfort that you could lie down in these recliners. It is possible to find the best recliner for a bad back pain in the workplace or at home as well.

Recliners have been tested to be the best chairs to get free of pain in the back however, they also help with neck discomfort, breathing issues, muscle soreness, even diseases such as GERD and heartburn or acid reflux. The best solution for these kinds of problems is to use a small recliner with good back support. They are available in a variety of colors. They are also available in a range of styles and fabrics.

Top 11 Small Recliners With Good Back Support On The List

Here are the best recliners of 2023 that can help relieve your back pain and support your back. Let’s you pick the one that is the best small recliners with good back support suited to your preferences and decor. In the following article, we will review the top 11 best recliners for lower back support and offer additional details on the recliners to help you make an informed choice when buying one.

If you’re experiencing back pain and looking for small recliners with good back support or, the best recliner for lower back support or, best recliner for lower back pain or, the best recliner for a bad back. If so, you’re in the right spot. In the next paragraph, we’ll look at the top recliners available. So, let’s get started!


Almost everyone who scrolls through the internet wants to find out the reviews of the products we have listed, but for a specific number of people who don’t want to waste too much time, they want to get a pre-made list. This would help them find the product they were looking for. Hence, if you are concerned about wasting too much time finding your wanted product.

For this reason, we included all products on the pre-made list that you saw at the beginning of this article. Simply click and go through the Review Section of the listed product. If you have time, please go through the whole article to know more and I have also included an exceptional recliner buying guide and some exceptional tips at the end.

Is recliner good for back pain?

Back pain is among the main reasons for disability due to work within the U.S. and helping to detect bad postures during sitting can aid in protecting the spine and avoiding injury. With “positional” magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) researchers examined the positions of sitting in 23 healthy individuals who had no back discomfort. The MRI machine allows the freedom to move including standing or sitting when scanning. The conventional MRI machines require patients to lie down and conceal some of the causes of back pain.

Researchers concluded that the 135-degree recline position places the least strain on the spine and could decrease the chance of experiencing back discomfort. They suggest that those who are sitting for extended durations of time alter their posture while sitting and choose the right chair to recline.

Is a recliner a good option to help back discomfort? Yes, it’s good. The most well-known and comfortable method to gain immediate relief from discomfort is to sit in recliner chairs. These chairs don’t offer instant relief from pain or in a direct way, but they do provide comfort and support while in a position of rest or sitting. The idea of sitting or resting on a recliner to relieve back pain is a good idea insofar as the chair offers support and raises your legs above your heart level.

Resting or in a recliner with back pain is beneficial provided that the chair offers support as well as elevates the legs over the heart. A properly-designed recliner can provide relief from pains and chronic pain. But there are many recliners that are created equal. A chair with the wrong padding could make back pain more severe. It is crucial to find recliner chairs that are comfortable and comfy for back pain that fit your requirements.

11 Best small recliners with good back support 2023 Review

1. Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner-OWAYS

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner-OWAYS


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 52 x 34 x 49 Inches
  • Weight –  255 pounds
  • Materials- Polyurethane Leather

Ugears connected linkage suspension chair places the weight center on the buttocks. It is one of the best small recliners with good back support. It also has a futuristic look to it. This recliner reduces tension on the joints and spine and makes your heart smaller than your legs so that the body can be in a relaxed position and you feel the sensation of losing weight in the real world. The Deep V-wrapped design reduces emotional and physical exhaustion.

The body is equally stressed which allows you to ease from inside to outside and put aside fatigue. The 3D massage chair will automate your body adjust the massage points and range. The most professional massage could be enjoyed by a variety of body kinds, the effect is similar to that of an experienced massage specialist. Massage airbags protect the arm, shoulder, and hips, as well as the calves and feet, and allow you to experience the Tuina massage in a looping pattern.


Very effective for Back Pain.

It has Smart Body Scan & Full Body Air Massage.

It is Space-Saving & has Bluetooth Speakers.

Design of SL Tracks and Thai Stretching.

12 months guarantee.

If you want to return it within 30 days you can get your money back.

B-L1 does not require installation.



2. Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner-Ashley

Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner-Ashley


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎  40 x 35 x 42.63 Inches
  • Weight – ‎121 pounds
  • Materials- Poly Fiber

Your home is more than just a home, it’s the everyday moments and experiences that you share that make it uniquely you. So you might be thinking of getting small recliners with good back support.  Here at Ashley Home Store, we love being home alongside you. Locally owned as well as operated stores are enthusiastic about being the top in the market and are also the most economical furniture retailer to fit your home.

The design and function blend with these two motor chair recliners. At the click of a button, the motor lifts your back and raises your legs to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Saddle brown upholstery appears like leather, but it’s actually made of poly fibre, with a comfortable feeling. The design is comfortable, with high backs, thick cushions, and a sturdy frame with metal reinforcement.


One-touch (hand control) power button with adjustable positions.

Corner-blocked frame with metal reinforced seat.

High-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fiber.

Dual motors control the footrest and back independently for custom comfort positioning.

Emergency battery backup runs on two 9-volt batteries (not included), in case of a power outage.

Power cord included; UL Listed.



3. Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair-Mcombo

Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair-Mcombo


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎  37.8 x 33.5 x 40.9 Inches
  • Weight – 115 pounds
  • Materials- Textile Fabric 

Mcombo electric power lift recliner chair sofa is in 3rd position of the best recliner for a bad back. Counterbalanced lift mechanism that has an actuator that is certified by TUV. It pushes the entire chair upwards to allow the user to get up and walk around without stressing the knees or back. It is easy to adjust the chair to a reclining or lifting in the desired position with the push of two buttons in your remote.

With the padding that is overstuffed and the simple lines drawn out of the backrest, the back has an unimaginable sense of parcel, with built-in springs both the seat and back and pillow top arms that are overstuffed which makes them more comfortable. The surface of the treated cloth was distinguished by a silky feel and good elasticity. It also had the effect of anti-felting as well as anti-pilling.


It has Power Lift Assistance

Full-Body vibration & Lumbar heating

Comfortable and durable upholstery

It also has USB Charging ports & Cup holders



4. Massage Recliner Chair Heated-Esright

Massage Recliner Chair Heated-Esright


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎  35.8 x 33.5 x 43.2 Inches
  • Weight – 92.4 pounds
  • Materials- PU Leather

Relax in this amazing recliner chair that vibrates and reclines features, as well as the heating feature, 360deg of swiveling, and rocking capabilities. The faux leather is a soft and durable design that is suitable for intense use and padded with an extra-thick sponge cushion for the back and armrest.

Two cup holders as well as additional storage bags to place your drinks in and store magazines. Ideal to rest while watching TV, reading in your living room, bedroom. The recliner is upholstered and has an adjustable recline of 140 deg and includes a remote controller and power cord to perform a massaging function with 5 different settings and two intensities.


Two cup holders provide a place to hold your drink as you relax.

Vibration and heating functions promote healthy blood circulation.

Adjustable backrest reclines and leg rest comes out for you to lay back.

Rocks and can spin 360 degrees.

Four massaging focal areas.

Five preset massaging functions.

Two different speeds, high and low, as well as heated massage.

Comes with an attached remote.



5. SL Track Massage Chair Recliner-iRest

SL Track Massage Chair Recliner-iRest


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 66.92 x 29.92 x 33.07 Inches
  • Weight – 183 lbs
  • Materials- Faux Leather

This product is in 5th position for small recliners with good back support. Designed to ease stiffness and pain on muscles specifically, it is similar to scraping. It can stretch back muscles, relax muscles and bones, ease fatigue. The S form of the massage structures within the backrest was developed following the human body design principles. which makes the back massage tight-fitting into position. 621cm width is that is adjustable to be narrow, wide, and middle narrow.

There are three different levels for zero gravity angles. Press the button to change the comfortable recline angle. In addition, our knees and heart are located in a horizontal line that can help reduce heart pressure and increase blood circulation.

Together with human engineers and extremely long”SL” shape space, curved rail technology massage distance is 135cm. allows you to enjoy a personalized message from your head to the leg. It assists in maintaining your body’s body in a vertebra “S” shaped curve, allows you to relax your spinal column, and ease tension in muscles.


The product has long service life and low loss rate

It is ergonomically designed

Super multi massage mode

Perfect for back support



best recliner for a bad back

6. Tufted Back Fabric Recliner-GDFStudio

Tufted Back Fabric Recliner-GDFStudio


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 34.25 x 27.25 x 38  Inches
  • Weight – 57.3 pounds
  • Materials- Polyester Fabric

This stylish recliner provides a luxuriously comfortable seating experience while maximizing the living space. With its iconic tapered legs and soft fabric, this recliner sports a stunning mid-century design. With its sleek lines and subtle style, the chair makes use of modern materials to reinvent a classic style. The soft recliner is covered with a soft fabric, giving an elegant appearance.

The button-tufted stitching of the backrest adds an additional quality that will enhance the modern design. The pattern of waffle stitch adds some texture, without sacrificing comfort. The recliner is backed by beautiful wooden legs that offer an attractive appearance and durable design. The fine grain of the wood sifts the stains with ease, giving this piece a beautiful appearance.


Includes One (1) Recliner.

It has Multiple Material Options.

Fabric and Microfiber Composition: 100% Polyester.

It has Multiple Color Options.


Didn’t last a year for some users.

7. Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner-Flash Furniture

Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner-Flash Furniture


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ ‎40 x 32.75 x 41 Inches
  • Weight – ‎54 pounds
  • Materials- Mahogany Wood Base & Vintage Leather

If you’re in search of the ideal spot to unwind, then these antique small recliners with good back support lever recliners and ottoman set are inviting you to come in. It has padded arms with thick padding and elegantly exposed wood frames this recliner set is a perfect match for any décor. The soft and durable leather soft upholstery with a soft seat and back cushioned with CAL 117 foam, which is a fire retardant. This makes this chair the ideal spot to relax after a long day.

The recliner for your living room is not just stylish, but it’s also fully adaptable to your preferences. The recliner is designed with a unique design. the ball-bearing swivel of mahogany makes switching from one conversation to the next simple.

The easy lever offers an infinite number of adjustment angles to alleviate back pain, take the pressure on your spine and allow you to rest comfortably. This set is not just ideal for the home but also makes an ideal addition to your office. Floor glides can ensure your floors are safe when you need to move the ottoman and recliner.


Contemporary Style Recliner and Ottoman Set for home or office.

Brown Leather Soft Upholstery for Softness and Durability.

Plush Arms relieve pressure from the neck and shoulders.

Fixed Back and Seat Cushions padded with CAL 117 fire retardant foam.

Lever Adjusting Recliner with Infinite Adjustments for a custom seating experience.

Spot Clean with Damp Cloth.



8. Faux Leather Kids/Youth Recliner-Amazon Basics

Faux Leather Kids/Youth Recliner-Amazon Basics


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 26.2 x 24.5 x 27.05 Inches
  • Weight – 29.1 pounds
  • Materials- Polyurethane Faux Leather

This recliner is one of the small recliners for children. The child-friendly easy chair provides an alternative that is smaller than an adult-sized recliner without losing comfort or support. It is upholstered in ultra-soft polyurethane leather, your kid will appreciate the comfort and support as well as a comfy reclining feature.

It features CA117 fire-resistant foam filling and a solid wood frame, raised feet made of plastic concealed armrest storage for remote controls, and many more. The kids will feel a bit more mature and confident when they’re watching TV, reading or playing video games, or just enjoying snacks after school.


Kid’s/youth reclining chair appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Smooth faux leather upholstery offers durability and comfort.

wipe clean with a damp cloth.

CA117 fire retardant foam filling for children’s safety.

Armrest storage compartment for books, video game controllers, remotes, and more.


Harder to assemble than it should be.

9. Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage-Vicluke

Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage-Vicluke


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 34.5 x 30 x 42 Inches
  • Weight – 123.2 pounds
  • Materials- Faux Leather

The side button to alter the recline or the lift of the chair. This allows you to get any position you like in terms of recline from 110-150 degrees, or lifting. It uses an electrical motor to lift the chair upwards, which works quietly and smoothly to aid those with disabilities stand up comfortably.

It is also great for those who are struggling with balance issues with their lower backs or legs as well as have had surgery. The high-density padding on the backrest, headrest, and armrests is designed to be reinforced. Cushions that are overstuffed are able to wrap your body comfortably while providing greater security. Wood boards that are free of formaldehyde will safeguard the health of the users. The high-end PU leather is breathable sturdy, tough, and simple to clean.

The strong metal frame provides this recliner’s power lift durability and stability to hold the maximum weight of 350lbs. The recliner’s electric motor includes 4 massaging parts(8 places) with 5 different control modes and two intensity settings for more relaxation and to relieve tiredness and stress. Additionally, you can use the Lumbar heating function to enjoy the massage to increase blood circulation around the waist.


It has Thick Padded and Durable Materials

It has massage and heating options

Humanistic design



best recliner for lower back pain

10. Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Fabric Recliner-GDF Studio

Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Fabric Recliner-GDF Studio


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎  ‎34.75 x 28 x 41.25 Inches
  • Weight – ‎67.4 pounds
  • Materials-  Charcoal Fabric

These small recliner with back support are sure to create a focal point in every room in your home The form and high back height draw the attention of others while the armrests and cushioned seats allow for the user to feel comfortable. Ideal for relaxing or entertaining, the recliner is an elegant design element for your home. With a gentle push, the chair reclines to provide the perfect space to relax, read, or watch television. The footrest that is adjustable in the frame gives you support and comfort.


Includes One (1) Tufted Recliner Arm Chair.

It is pretty comfortable.


 Poor manufacturing on side panels.

best recliner for lower back support

11. Manual Rocker Recliner with Tufted Back-Ashley

Manual Rocker Recliner with Tufted Back-Ashley


  • Product Dimensions(L x W x H) -‎ 43 x 40 x 43 Inches
  • Weight – 94 pounds
  • Materials- Polyester

These small recliners with good back support, an “easy chair” that’s wonderfully comfortable for the body and your budget. The recliner pleases the senses by providing ultra-soft upholstery made of a gorgeously texture Twill. The split bustle design and puckered stitching combine fashion and comfort. Large armrests on the top provide a more comfortable spot to relax.


Sand Finish.

Contemporary style.

Ludden Upholstery Content: 100% Polyester.

Tight back and seat.

Corners are glued, blocked, and stapled with stripes and patterns are match cut.

Cushion cores are constructed of low melt fiber wrapped over foam.

All fabrics are pre-approved for wearability and durability against AHFA standards.

All metal construction including metal drop-in unitized seat box, to the floor for strength and durability.

The reclining mechanism features infinite positions for comfort.


stinks if you are sensitive.

-Buying Guide-

How To Choose A Recliner Chair?

1. Reclining chair controls:

Buying recliner chairs for back pain relief is a matter of understanding the controls for chairs. To help relieve the pain the chair must have some of the following features such as heating, vibration, or massaging. If you don’t have these controls the chair may be useful and comfortable but it’s not going to give you the pain relief that you’re seeking.

But, the electronic controls are likely to cause recliners to be costly, so keep this in your mind. In addition that you’ll need an outlet for electricity to allow the functions to work This is important when installing the chair at your home.

2. Design:

It is important that your chair be practical and useful, it must also be attractive because it’s going to take up some space in your living room. Recliner chairs may have an extremely modern look, or a traditional, vintage style. This is where you can choose which one suits your style most. Leather recliners are more durable, whereas other kinds of fabrics tend to make chairs more modern. However, you should not compromise the chairs’ functionality or capabilities in order to look fashionable.

3. Features and upgrades:

Certain recliner chairs have additional features and upgrades. These upgrades and features aren’t required but it’s beneficial to have choices for pain relief, at the very least. From various types of massage options to integrated phone charging and battery backups, whatever you want, modern chairs will come with them. However, extra features and upgrades can cost you (sometimes much) and you should be sure to keep this in your mind.

-Final thoughts-

Back pain can be extremely annoying and painful. What could be more frustrating is when you realize that every chair you’re in causes your back to get worse and your posture pain is even worse. That is why we have made an incredible article on small recliners with good back support and I mean the best recliners for lower back support.

You can find the 11 best recliners for lower back support listed here, along with some additional details that will help you find the right fit. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more posts.


Frequently Asked Question

What type of chair is best for back pain?

Recliners are well-known for back pain relief due to the fact that they’re cushioned, offer back support, and are much more comfortable than a traditional accent chair. You may even find some recliners complete with massage tech.

What is the best recliner for lower back pain?

Recliners with good back support are the best recliner for lower back pain. The number one product on our list is also available for you to try.

Is it OK to sit in a recliner with lower back pain?

Hunching and slumping is bad for back pain. Standing upright can also be a problem. However, reclining isn’t a bad thing for back discomfort. Research has shown that reclined sitting is more beneficial for your back health than sitting straight.

How do you sit in a recliner for lower back pain?

You can recline in various places and then put your feet on the floor, effortlessly, just by pressing the button. If you’re ready sit up there’s a button that allows the same thing. For those who suffer from back pain, you might feel the act of elevating your legs aids as there are many additional advantages of lifting your legs.

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